[Motherboard]Error shows when I boot the system, need to press F1 to enter operation system

Please refer to the solutions below according to the error messages you're experiencing.

If your error problem is not listed below, please contact ASUS Customer Service Center for information. 

CPU Fan error

Please refer to Why I see the error message "CPU FAN Error" in POST?

Error message"S.M.A.R.T Status Bad"

Please refer to S.M.A.R.T ERROR Warning for SATA HDD  

CMOS checksum error

CMOS battery might be malfunctional or no power left ,thus replacing a new battery is necessary

Please refer to How to replace CMOS battery on motherboard when it runs out power?      

Overlocking Failed

Overclocking failed, please adjust the overclocking setting or restore BIOS to default value.

Please check How to restore BIOS setting ?     


USB Device over current status Detected 

1. Please remove all USB device and then power on the system to check whether still show "USB Device over current status Detected" ,if no ,please add the USB device one by one to check which USB device fail 

2. If still show "USB Device over current status Detected" ,please send the board to serivce center



If you want to turn off F1 notification (Not suggested),please enter BIOS setting->Boot->Wait for F1 if there is error->Disabled