What is eSIM?

eSIM card (embedded-SIM) is a remote enabled new generation of SIM card specifications released by GSMA(Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) . In order to meet the needs of remote provisioning and management of machine to machine (M2M) connections, GSMA is an association which represents mobile phone service network operators worldwide. It was created to represent the voice of phone manufacturers and other stakeholders in the ‘ecosystem’ for phones.

eSIM is a SON-8 IC package, directly embedded in the board of mobile devices. Its size is only 6mm (L) x 5.0mm (W) x 0.9mm (H), much smaller than the current minimum Nano-SIM, it allows the mobile device for thinner design.


Main benefits of the eSIM:

1. You’ll get a better deal on phone plan :

 eSIMs are likely to mean a better deal for consumers. Their presence will allow users to decide whether they wish to stick with a prepaid plan provider, or change operator. Importantly, they will be able to do this from their handset, inSettings rather than having to make a trip to a telco retail store or supermarket to get the new SIM.

2. It’ll be easier to connect to a phone company:

 In the future, instead of going to a mobile provider and signing up for a prepaid plan, waiting for the plastic SIM card to be sent to you and inserting it into your smartphone, an eSIM will make this process much faster and more efficient. While not only being convenient for consumers to use, they will also make it difficult for carriers to lock people into expensive plans as consumers will be able to pick and choose providers.

3. More convenience:

An eSIM would make it possible for consumers to select a prepaid plan, pick and choose, switch providers and do all of this from the handset or device by themselves. Not only does it give consumers on prepaid plans the freedom to switch providers at their choosing, it also means that for postpaid customers at the end of their contracts, won’t need to wait for a new SIM card to arrive before they continue with their next plan as it can be done from inside their mobile phone.