[Zenbo Junior] Zenbo Junior Line following FAQ

1. What is line following?

  • The RGB sensors on the bottom of Zenbo Junior allows the robot to follow a black track. When Zenbo Junior detects different colors or colored patterns, he can execute different actions.

2. What colors can I use for line following? Is there a required width?

  • The main track that Zenbo Junior must be black. Zenbo Junior is able to detect four different colors: red, green, blue and yellow.
  • Yellow is the system color. When Zenbo Junior detects yellow, it notifies him that a colored pattern is coming up.
  • Red, blue and green are colors that Zenbo Junior can detect as a single color or as a colored pattern.
  • There is a total of 24 different patterns that Zenbo Junior can detect.
  • We recommend the length of the track be 2.4cm and the size of each color square to be 2.4cm by 2.0cm.


3. How do I make Zenbo Junior follow the black line?

  • You can use the line following blocks in Zenbo Lab to make Zenbo Junior follow the black line or through the SDK.