[MyASUS] Warranty extension package Purchase Process

Purchase ASUS Premium with one click

  • ASUS Warranty Extension Package must be purchased and activated within the warranty period of your ASUS products.
  • ASUS other services (Local Accidental Damage Protection/ Battery Service Package/ Hard Disk Drive Retention/ On-Site Service) must be purchased and activated within 180 days of your ASUS product invoice date.
  • Only Notebook/ Commercial Notebook/ Gaming Notebook can be purchased for extended warranty within the machine warranty period, and the total warranty is limited to a maximum of three years.
  • Please select MyASUS location in the settings to be in line with the region where you purchased the ASUS product.
  • ASUS Premium Care can only be purchased once. ASUS will not provide Premium Care on the same ASUS product twice.
  • When you've completed the purchase via MyASUS, your ASUS Premium Care will be activated automatically. You don't need to activate it via the official ASUS website.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, the ASUS Premium Care cannot be refunded after purchase.


Warranty extension package Purchase Process

  1. Type and search [MyASUS] in the Windows search bar, then click [Open].
    If there is no result searched that means your computer may not install it, refer to How to install MyASUS.
  2. Select [User Center], and then login to MyASUS with your ASUS account.
    If you do not have an ASUS account yet, please register it now!
  3. Select an existing product that you would like to extend warranty.

    If you do not register your product yet, please select [Instant product registration], then input Serial Number and click [Send].
  4. Please select your warranty options, and then select [I have read and agree to the terms and conditions ASUS Premium Care]

    If your product isn't qualified for purchasing a Warranty extension package, MyASUS will show we haven't provided ASUS Premium Care yet at the moment.
  5. Fill in your contact and payment information to purchase, and then click [Purchase].
  6. MyASUS will automatically enter a payment website, and you can pay with PayPal account or credit card.
  7. Back to User Center, and click the product you have purchased the warranty extension.
  8. Warranty extension package is activated for your device successfully!


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