[AiMesh2.0] AiMesh 2.0 Web GUI - Introduction

Part of AiMesh supported models now support a brand new AiMesh management page, which empowers users with more mesh network information and centralized system settings.  Please see below for details.


Note: Please upgrade your firmware version later than  For the information of how to upgrade firmware, please refer to [Wireless] Upgrade the firmware version of your router


AiMesh Network Topology

This network topology display your current AiMesh connection. 

 1. Model name

 2. Location icon of your AiMesh device : This helps you to identify different AiMesh devices in your environment.

 3. AiMesh node’s uplink connection quality : The system will automatically detect your connection status and will provide the connection quality as shown in the picture below.


 4. Location of your AiMesh device : This helps you to identify different AiMesh devices in your environment.

 5. Number of the connected device : It shows how many online connected devices

 6. "Add AiMesh node" button : Once you click on the button, the system will search for any available devices in your environment.


AiMesh Device Information

Click on one of the AiMesh devices in the Topology, it will display the corresponding system information, including your AiMesh model name, MAC address, location, firmware version, and uplink connection quality.



Click on "Clients", it will display the connected online device list with detailed information. The offline client devices will turn grey.


Network Information

Clicking on "Network Information" will display your WAN information, backhaul, and fronthaul information.

*Backhaul network is for the connection between AiMesh router and node(s).

*Fronthaul network is for the connection of end devices.

  • AiMesh router-Network Information


  • AiMesh node-Network Information


AiMesh node Management

Click on "Management" to control the functions of a specific AiMesh device as shown below. The functions listed will vary based on different models.

1. LED On/Off Switch Button or LED Brightness

2. Connection Priority(Only for AiMesh node)

Auto: The system will automatically change its connection type based on the real-word connection quality.

Ethernet: The connection between your AiMesh node and router will only be Ethernet.

3. Link Aggregation On/Off(Only for AiMesh node)

4. USB Application(Only for AiMesh node): Media Services and Servers(UPnP, iTunes, and FTP Settins)、Time Machine On/Off、Download Master

5. Reboot AiMesh node

6. Remove AiMesh node



How to get the (Utility / Firmware)?

You can download the latest drivers, software, firmware and user manuals in the ASUS Download Center.

If you need more information about the ASUS Download Center, please refer this link.