[Motherboard] How to disable standby power of the USB connected device

Please follow the steps below:

1. After the computer is turned on, press the "delete" key on the keyboard immediately to enter BIOS Advanced Mode, as shown in the figure below(Example: ROG STRIX X570-F GAMING):

2. Select the [APM Configuration] option on the [Advanced] settings page, as shown below:

3. Confirm that [ErP Ready] is set to [Disabled], as shown in the figure below:

(ErP is Energy-related Products' energy efficiency requirements in Europe)

4. Press the ESC key on the keyboard to return to the [Advanced] setting page and enter the [Onboard Devices Configuration] option, as shown in the figure below:

5. Set USB power delivery in Soft Off State (S5) to disabled, as shown in the following figure:

6. Press the keyboard F10 key and click [OK] to save and restart, as shown in the figure below:

7. After entering the Windows 10 system, right-click the windows icon in the lower left corner and select [Power Options], as shown below

8. Click [Other power settings] on the right side of the power and sleep page, as shown below:

9. Click [Select behavior when pressing the power button], as shown below:

10. Click [Change settings that are currently unavailable], as shown below:

11. Uncheck [Turn on fast startup (recommended)] in the shutdown setting menu, and click [Save Changes], as shown in the figure below, you can complete the setting of how to turn off the USB port standby power in the shutdown state.

Q & A

Q: How to confirm whether the setting is successful?

A: After the setting is successful, turn off the computer.  If the mobile phone is plugged into the USB port and there is no charge, the setting is successful. If the phone is charging, please confirm whether the above steps have been omitted or the settings have been saved.