[Gaming NB] Overstroke Technology

The exclusive ASUS Overstroke technology provides each key with an ample 1.8mm of key travel and raises the actuation point (as shown in Picture 1 and Picture 2) higher in the stroke to improve responsiveness.  Compare to traditional keyboard design, each keys only requires a perfectly balanced peak force of 62 grams (the force needed to fully press the key down) to keep each stroke effortless.  

For the gamers' benefit, the Overstroke technology increases input accuracy and speed with agile responses, which is the perfect combination for FPS gaming


Models Supported: FX504, FX505, and GL504 series notebooks.  For more supported models please visit the Gaming Series Notebook Product from ASUS official website.


Picture 1. Key on the left refers to product models with Overstroke technology


Picture 2.  This picture compares the actuation points of the keys after being pressed.  The key on the left is actuated when pressed down to 1/2 from the top to allow higher speed of signal transmission.  In comparison, the key on the right requires to be pressed down further to 3/4 from the top for actuation, which gives a slower response.