[Zenbo Junior] Zenbo Junior Software FAQ

1. How do I check for software updates on Zenbo Junior?

  • Swipe down from the top of Zenbo Junior’s face. Click on the gear icon to enter settings.
  • Please select “About Tablet.”
  • Please select “System updates.”
  • Please select “Check for updates.”

2. Can I use the Zenbo store on Zenbo Junior to buy apps and download content?

  • No. Since Zenbo Junior is mainly targeted towards the business field, there is no plan to add the Zenbo Store to Zenbo Junior.

3. What languages does Zenbo Junior support?

  • Zenbo Junior currently supports English.

4. What developer tools can I use to develop on Zenbo Junior?

  • You can use block-based programming, Python and Java SDK to develop applications for Zenbo Junior.

5. Does Zenbo Junior have Google Play Store?

  • No, Zenbo Junior does not have the Google Play Store.

6. Can I play Youtube or use Google Chrome on Zenbo Junior?

  • You are unable to play Youtube or use Google Chrome on Zenbo Junior.