[Notebook] Realtek Audio Console - Introduction


How to set the Realtek Audio Console (The example shown is with the UX581GV)

A.  Go to select Realtek Audio Console 


B. Main page :  You can click the icon to do the setting for Playback devices or for Recording devices.



C. Navigate to Playback Devices :1.Main Volume  2.Sound effects  3.Equalizer  4.Environment  5.Default Format

 Equalizer: You can create a custom setting or select a preset setting.


How to create a custom setting ?

Input the preset name or select an existing preset


How to delete a custom setting ?

Please follow the steps in below screenshots.



Environment: Select a simulated environment preset: Padded Cell, Room, Bathroom, Living Room, Stone Room, Auditorium, Concert Hall, Cave, Arena.  

Note: Speaker Configuration is the settings for multi-channel speakers.


D.Navigate to Recording Devices:1.Main Volume 2.Microphone Effects


E. Device advanced Settings: In the Device Advanced settings, you can check the connector settings and connector re-tasking.



F. Information: You can check the version number of the Audio Driver and the current UI.