[Zenbo Junior II] Zenbo Junior II Product Specification FAQ

1. How big is Zenbo Junior II?

  • 18.5cm x 18.5cm x 31.5cm

2. How heavy is Zenbo Junior II?

  • 2.75kg

3. What are the dimensions of Zenbo Junior II’s screen?

  • Screen size is 6” with a resolution of 2160*1080 (18:9)

4. Zenbo Junior II uses which Android version?

  • Android 10.0

5. What I/O ports does Zenbo Junior II have?

  • There is a micro-usb port located on Zenbo Junior II’s chin.
  • There is a USB type A located on the back of the device.

6. How long is the battery life?

  • Zenbo Junior II can be continuously used for 5-6 hours.

7. What buttons does Zenbo Junior II have?

  • Zenbo Junior II has a trigger button on the top of his head, volume buttons on the right side of his head, and a power button located on the back of the device.

8. What is the trigger button?

  • The trigger button is used when you do not want to trigger Zenbo Junior II through voice command. You can press the trigger button located on top of Zenbo Junior II's head to manually trigger the robot.

9. What is the volume button?

  • The volume button is used to manually increase or decrease the volume level.

10. What sensors does Zenbo Junior II have?

  • Zenbo Junior II has touch sensor, anti-drop sensors, sonar sensors, and RGB sensors.

11. Where is Zenbo Junior II’s touch sensor?

  • Zenbo Junior II’s touch sensor is on the top of his head, located around the head button.
  • If you stroke Zenbo Junior II’s head, he will become shy.

12. Where are Zenbo Junior II’s anti-drop sensors?

  • Zenbo Junior II’s anti-drop sensors are on the bottom portion of the front body.

13. How many anti-drop sensors are there?

  • Zenbo Junior II has three anti-drop sensors.

14. Where are Zenbo Junior II’s sonar sensors?

  • Zenbo Junior II’s sonar sensors are above and inside the metal mesh.

15. How many sonar sensors are there?

  • Zenbo Junior II has three sonar sensors.

16. Where are Zenbo Junior II's RGB sensors?

  • Zenbo Junior II's RGB sensors are located on the bottom of the device.

17. How many RGB sensors are there?

  • Zenbo Junior II has 3 RGB sensors.

18. Where is Zenbo Junior II’s microphone?

  • The microphone is on the top of Zenbo Junior II's front body.

19. What is the RAM size?

  • 4GB

20. What is the storage size?

  • Total storage size: 32GB
  • Storage size is less than the total storage due to storage of the operating system and software used to operate the features.

21. Can Zenbo Junior II connect to Wi-Fi?

  • Yes, Zenbo Junior II can connect to 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi.

22. Does Zenbo Junior II have Bluetooth connectivity?

  • Yes, Zenbo Junior II has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

23. How many speakers does Zenbo Junior II have? Where are they located?

  • Zenbo Junior II has 2 3-watt speakers. They are located on the right and left side of the head.

24. How does Zenbo Junior II move?

  • Zenbo Junior II moves through voice command, line following, object following, and face following.
  • Zenbo Junior II has a motor in his neck that allows him to move his head up and down.
  • There are two motors in Zenbo Junior II’s body that allows him to turn left and right.

25. Why the storage size is less than 32G?

  • Zenbo Junior II's system uses 3.8G , and default apps use around 1G.
  • Click " Internal Storage" to check current storage usage.
  • Click "Apps" to check what apps are installed.

26. Is there over-current potection in Zenbo Junior II? Is there any impact under long-time charging?

  • Yes, there is over current potection.
  • Over current potection will be activated when battery level reaches 100%, which can protect Zenbo Junior II from battery degadation.