[Zenbo Junior II] Zenbo Junior II Features FAQ

1.What are the features of  Zenbo Junior II?

  • Zenbo Junior II is an AI solution that meets the needs of multiple scenarios.
  • Zenbo junior II is equipped with AI perception technology.
  • Zenbo junior II provides a friendly development environment, providing Java SDK, Python SDK, DDE editor.
  • Zenbo junior II provides tools and services to improve efficiency, such as ZMC management system, QAP platform.

2.What are the functions that  Zenbo Junior II can do?

  • Zenbo Junior II can listen, talk, move, watch, learn, express, perception and connection.
  • Zenbo Junior II has many kinids of sensors for different requirement.
  • Zenbo Junior II is equipped AI technology, including  voice trigger and recognition, face recognition.
  • Provide the programming environment, such as Zenbo Lab, Zenbo Scratch, Java SDK and Python SDK.
  • Provide many tools, including ZMC management system and QAP platform.

3.What is Zenbo Lab? 

  • Zenbo Lab is a web-based programming software. 
  • Students can learn coding and programming through Zenbo Lab. Zenbo Junior II can execute the scripts written in Zenbo Lab.
  • Through Zenbo Lab, students in different age can learn the concepts behind Artificial Intelligence and create interactions with Zenbo Junior II.
  • Blocks in Zenbo Lab can be converted into Python, so that Zenbo Lab shorten the gap between the block-based programming and text-based programming for students.
  • More detail about Zenbo Lab can be read on the Zenbo Lab website. https://zenbo.asus.com/product/zenbojuniorii/zenbo-lab/

4.What is QAP?

  • The QAP platform is a cloud platform that allows users to quickly create a customized question and answer database. The QAP provides a friendly interface that even users can't programm can customize the question and answer data.

5.What is ZMC?

  • Zenbo Management Console (ZMC) is a central and real-time management tool for users to easily manage multiple devices at once to improve operational efficiency.
  • ZMC offers device management, profile management, hardware diagnostics, remote desktop and kiosk mode.
  • Users can transfer multiple files to multiple devices at once and install/uninstall multiple apps on designated devices at once.

6.What is Zenbo Scratch 3.0?

  • Zenbo Scratch is an extension block created on the Scratch, which can control the movement or sensors of Zenbo Junior and Zenbo Junior II.

7.What resource of Zenbo junior II are provided for developers? 

8.How can I purchase Zenbo Junior II?

9.Does Zenbo Junior have the SLAM feature? 

  • No,  Zenbo Junior II does not have the SLAM feature.