[Notebook] Cannot use Link to MyASUS Remote Desktop?

If you want to use the Link to MyASUS Remote Desktop function, please confirm whether the computer and mobile device meet the following requirements:

  • The computer operating system needs to be Windows 10/11 Pro version
  • MyASUS PC App and Link to MyASUS Mobile App have logged in to the same ASUS member account
  • The system login password has been set on the computer
  • The Remote Desktop function of the system has been turned on on the computer

*Link to MyASUS Remote Desktop function currently only supports Windows 10/11 Pro version*

*Link to MyASUS Remote Desktop currently is exclusively available for Windwos 10 local user account (an offline account)*


1. In Link to MyASUS side please click the ①[Information] ("" symbol) icon to enter the ②[Password] interface in the system settings and add an account password. (If you have already set the account password, please ignore this step)

2. After setting the password, please click the Link to MyASUS side ③[Open Settings], go to the ④[Remote Desktop] interface in the system settings, and click to enable the Remote Desktop function.

3. If you are using the Remote Desktop function for the first time, a pop-up window [Mail Sent] will appear, please go to your mailbox and click the Activation link.

4. Please click MyASUS side ⑤[Bind a mobile device via Pairing Code], a new window will pop up. Please also click [Bind a computer via pairing code] on the mobile device side, and then scan the ⑥[QR code] on the computer screen, or fill in ⑥[pairing code].

5. After the pairing is successful, the computer and mobile devices will display the following screen.

6. When using the Remote Desktop function, please make sure your computer is in standby mode and keep internet connection.