[ROG Strix Arion] Can I use ROG Strix Arion/Lite as PS5 external storage?

Yes, ROG Strix Arion/Lite can be used as PS5 external storage.
To use ROG Strix Arion/Lite as your PS5 external storage please follow following steps:
*Note: This set up is based on PS5 Version 21.01-03.10.00, few terms may be different in other versions.

  1. Please confirm that your PS5 has been updated to the latest version.
  2. Plug ROG Strix Arion/Lite only in the rear panel of PS5, not front panel.
  3. Find ROG Strix Arion/Lite in Settings > Storage > Extended Storage.
    Then choose “Format as Extended Storage”.
  4. Confirm if ROG Strix Arion/Lite is being formatted as PS5 external storage.
    *Note: Please do not format as exFAT, exFAT cannot save either PS4 or PS5 games.
  5. While ROG Strix Arion/Lite is successfully formatted as PS5 external storage, you will see “Games and Apps” list under ROG Strix Arion/Lite.


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