[Notebook] ProArt Creator Hub User Guide

ASUS has always been focusing on user scenario, pursuing continuous innovation, cherishing the suggestions provided by users and constantly striving to provide users with the most friendly user interface.

It can effectively and instantly provide creators with the best system status monitoring and best color services.

ProArt Creator Hub is an professional system monitoring screen and color calibration application that developed for creators.

Please refer to the video introduction as below:


The following will inform how to use theProArt Creator Hub, so that creators can enjoy them.

Note: ProArt Creator Hub may appear different functions depending on your purchase of Notebook series.


Table of contents

  • ProArt Creator Hub
  • Dashboard
  • Color Control
  • Worksmart
  • Control Settings
  • Performance Potimization
  • Setting ProArt Creator Hub
  • Updating ProArt Creator Hub
  • How to download and remove ProArt Creator Hub 
  • ProArt Creator Hub Support specifications
  • Introduction about other ProArt series products


ProArt Creator Hub

This is ASUS ProArt creator series application. If you have purchased Notebook products, you can assist creators in their creation through the ProArt Creator Hub application.

ProArt series products include: Notebook/Desktop/Motherboard/Monitor/Mouse

ProArt Creator Hub will be different according to your own ProArt series, presenting different pages integrated information.



The DashBoard monitors the overall status of the system. 

Note: The dashboard may show different interfaces based on you purchased the Notebook product 

  • System platform information: such as (CPU type/graphics chip type), memory, storage , FAN load, Task qroup, CPU load, color calibration(The last calibration result)

Note: The information card in the dashboard can be dragged to adjust the display order


Adjust the computer performance mode

The dashboard provides you with Normal mode/Rendering mode/Enable full fan speed mode . You can adjust the system performance of your computer according to the current usage.

Select "Dashboard"> "Fan Profile"> "Enable Fan Full Speed Mode" to adjust your computer's fan to its maximum speed.

Note: According to the specifications of your computer, different fan mode options will be provided


Color Control

Color Management

Take [Color Control] > [Color Management] to start using the Color Management function. 

Select [Oil painting] and double-click [Oil painting] with the left mouse button. 

Color analysis of [oil painting] can be obtained. 


Color Calibration

Screen color correction, allowing the creation more accurate

Note: This function needs to be used with a color calibration, and different functions may be presented according to the Notebook series products you purchased.

How to start color calibration?

  1. Select "Color calibration"> "Start calibration" to start the color calibration function.

Note: Before you start the calibration process, make sure all the Advanced Preparation items listed are completed. 

How to use the colorimeter  for color calibration?

  1. select the calibrator type, Note:currently only support the X-rite i1Display Pro.
  2. Please connect calibrator to your computer then Click [Next].

        3.Place the calibrator to an appropriate position, then Click [Start] to perform color calibration.

         4. It will take approximately 1 minute 30 seconds to complete the entire calibration process.


Color Calibration Report

After completed, you will get the report in two pages which will show the data and results.

Also, there are 3 options at the bottom of the report for choose:

  1. Show Pattern    : Display the pictire comparison between " Before" vs"After"  calibration.
  2. Apply                : Applies the new calibration profile to replace the previous one.
  3. Cancel               : Skips the process after you read the report and returns to the Dashboard home screen.


How to check the Color calibration results

  • Color Calibration History: Please select  View historical Color Calibration Report ,Select   Delete the Color Calibration Report.



Asus provides additional intelligent interface. you can merge the software /app, Let creators to open with one click, saving the time of opening the application.

How to use Worksmart

  • Select [worksmart] > [Add Group]  > [+] It can select the application you want to put in the group。
  • Edit group : Select  Editable group name and application function
  • Delete group : Select  can delete the group
  • Create shortcut : Select  Create a shortcut on your desktop, you only need to click the desktop shortcut to open the application group


Control Settings

Customize your ProArt series products, let you create more smoothly through ASUS Dial

Note: The control settings may show different functions depending on the Notebook series products you have purchased

Control settings allow you to adjust ASUS Dial / Customized Key and other related customized settings. You can use Adobe authoring software for more applications

For the introduction of control settings, please refer to: [Notebook] ASUS Dial - Introduction | Official Support | ASUS Global


Performance optimization    
Customize your ProArt series products and let you create more smoothly with ASUS Dial    
Note: Control settings may have different functional interfaces depending on the Notebook product you purchased.    

Resource monitor    
Resource monitor allows users to view the current computer performance status and rApunning software, including the name of the running process, CPU and RAM usage information and can also be used to mark key applications, clear temporary memory, stop services, and close processes.

  • Select Free up memory in the upper right corner to free up excess memory on your device.
  • Application: You can select the application items that pre-finish the work, and divide them into application programs and background processing programs according to their attributes.
  • Open Microsoft Task Manager : You can link to device manager via this button
  • End Task: Press End Task to terminate the selected application, background handler.


App  Power Priority

Application Performance Assignment to prioritize applications

When the key application that has been set is executed, the system will execute it first and adjust to the environment settings suitable for the execution of the application

Setting key apps: Set key applications, up to a maximum of six, performance optimization will be performed according to the advanced setting content, and the settings will take effect after the application is restarted    
Advanced setting: When the key applications that have been set are executed, the performance will be optimized according to the content selected by the user    
Save and Apply : Apply changed settings


Clean Files

Provides the function of clearing temporary files in disk, listing files of specified size and providing deletion.

Disk Cleanup: Provides the function of clearing the temporary files in the specified computer disk , list the items and sizes of temporary files and providing the function of deletion.


Clean Files

Provides searching for files over a certain size in a specified folder. You can use the file organizer to clear overly large files, such as videos or games that you don't often watch.

Delete : delete the file you can selected


Setting ProArt Creator Hub

You can enter the settings page through the upper right of the ProArt Creator Hub

General settings provide you with the choice of the language you want, change privacy, Check the software version and contact ASUS。

Automatic background installation of important updates: When the software detects important updates, it will automatically perform updates for you


Updating ProArt Creator Hub 

Update ProArt Creator Hub to experience more new features.

Note: The red dots on the gears represent applications that have not been updated.



Latest News provides you with the latest news about ProArt Creator Hub and more product feature updates.


How to update ProArt Creator Hub

  • Select [Setting] > [Update] can into ProArt Creator Hub update page
  • Update All: Select [Update All] can update all updated apps with one click
  • update : Items to be updated
  • Update History: Update history information


How to download and remove ProArt Creator Hub

  • Download ProArt Creator Hub : download the latest version of ProArt Creator Hub from the  Microsoft Store .
  • Remove ProArt Creator Hub : If you want to remove this application,please click on the link


ProArt Creator Hub support specifications

Note: ProArt Creator Hub only be used with ASUS ProArt / Feature By ProArt series products.Click me to see more

  • OS: Windows 10 19H2 64-bit (inclusive) and above version
  • ASUS System Control Interface v2 : V2.2.2.0  (inclusive) and above version
  • Adobe :  2020  (inclusive) and above version


Introduction to other ProArt series products