[Notebook] How to switch between Link to MyASUS-Shared Cam and other camera devices on video-communication services?

If you want to use Link to MyASUS-Shared Cam, please first ensure that MyASUS PC application requires or later version; ASUS System Control Interface requires or later version, and Link to MyASUS (mobile device application) requires Android: or later version or iOS: 2.2.1 or later version. In addition, the third-party communication app you use supports higher resolution*.

*Currently, Link to MyASUS Shared Cam supports 1080p resolution.


If you wish to use or switch your normal webcam, please go to the third-party communication app :  “Settings” > “Video” > “camera device”

And switch Link to MyASUS-Shared Cam to another. 


In the following, take Google Meet and Skype for example:

Google Meet

Click the “More” icon (1) in the bottom right corner > (2) Select “Settings” > (3) Select “Video” > (4) Click the drop-down menu, and switch Link to MyASUS-Shared Cam to your default camera device.



Go to Skype, press Ctrl+Comma to enter (1) “Settings” > (2) Select “Audio &Video” > (3) Switch to other camera device in the Camera drop-down list in the upper right corner.