How to register my ASUS product ?

So you just bought a brand-new ASUS product. To enhance your ASUS ownership experience, we give you a way to register your products via MyASUS account to get support faster and easier, check the warranty information, and more. 

Read on to for step-by-step instruction for how to register your new ASUS product.


  1. First, visit the ASUS Official Site. Once you get there, click the icon at the top right of the page, then click [Login].
  2. Enter your account and password to login to your ASUS account. If you need help setting up the account, click the link to read more about How to register the ASUS account.
  3. Once you login to your account, click the icon at the top-right corner. Then click [Product Registration].
  4. Fill in your product information, such as serial number and purchase date (Fields with * are required)⑥. After filling in all the information, click [SUBMIT].
  5. You will see the pop-up message. Click [OK] to complete the registration.


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