[Motherboard] How to update BIOS with EZFlash 2 ?

Note 1 : This knowledge is only applicable to have EZFlash 2 motherboard.

Note 2 : Do NOT update the BIOS by yourself if it's not necessary. Update failure could lead your device not to boot/start up.


Step 1.  Enter the Advanced Mode

Step 2.  Go to the "Tool menu"

Step 3.  Select "ASUS EZ Flash Utility"

Step 4.  Select BIOS file to perform the BIOS update process

Step 5.  Reboot the system, and enter the BIOS again

Step 6.  Press [F5] to Load Optimized Defaults

Step 7.  Press [F10], save configuration and reset

In BIOS environment, the motherboard doesn’t support the USB whose format is NTFS. Please convert the USB format to FAT32.

It is recommended to download the BIOS from ASUS support site directly.


Please find the download link from our support site: https://www.asus.com/support

You can also refer to the below FAQ regarding how to download the BIOS related to your MB models.