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What is ASUS GamePlus?

ASUS GamePlus function is co-developed with pro-gamer input, allowing them to practice and improve their gaming skills.

Furthermore, ASUS keeps improving the function of GamePlus. We've added FPS Counter (Frame per second) on recent gaming models such as PG279Q, MG278Q; and then Display Alignment on MG248Q, MG24UQ and MG28UQ. Please check user manual to see if your monitor contains this feature.



GamePlus provides hotkey to enable OSD crosshair, Timer, FPS counter and Display Alignment functions.


You can select four different crosshair types to suit your gaming environment.

Choose from 4 different crosshair types. You can also slightly adjust the position if needed.


When gamers play RTS (Real-time Strategy) game either time-based or turned based video game, this feature allows gamers to measure their target game rate.

Select one of five different time intervals and show it at any position you want on the screen.

uFPS counter

FPS counter (Frame per second) presents real-time refresh rate, and it can be a reminder for gamers when the frame rate runs abnormal. This allows users to pre-check for screen lag during gameplay. It could be used in a variety of games.

Activate from the OSD and the frame frequency (rate) could be counted/ displayed at the upper left of the screen .

uDisplay Alignment

Display Alignment provides an easy and handy tool for you to set up surround user scenario the friendliest way just through our GamePlus hotkey

Activate from the OSD and the alignment graduation displayed at the 4-side of the screen for you to line up your monitors.


How to enable GamePlus

1. Open OSD (On-screen Display) menu -> System Setup -> GamePlus -> ON

Note: The OSD arrangement may vary from different models.


2. Press GamePlus hotkey

It’s  icon on the monitor: (The hotkey arrangements vary from each model.)

(PG Series)

(MG Series)


After enabling GamePlus, move the 5-way navigation up/down to select function and press to confirm the function needed.

Note: GamePlus functions will not display at the same time.


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