My monitor cannot display proper resolution

Do I need to install a driver of monitor?

Basically, LCD monitor is NOT required to install any driver. Monitor is just sending out the signals from PC, it won't rearrange the display nor remember the position of screen.

Abnormal display of blur or flickering problems mostly comes from the Graphic Card and its driver’s limitation.


Check and update the driver version:

A. DirectX Diagnostic Tool

1. Adopted System: Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista.


In Windows 8, if you're in Metro mode, choose Desktop, then open the Search bar and type in dxdiag.

2. Choose Start, type " dxdiag " in the Search text box, press Enter and then execute this tool.


3. Switch to the tab " Display " to check the Graphic Card's Name and Driver's Version/ Date

4. Go to the Chipset manufacturer’s website to download the latest driver

    AMD -

    NVIDIA -


B. Device Manager

1. Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers -> Device Manager

2. Check your graphic card under " Display adapters " item

3. Switch to tab " Driver " to check the Driver Version and Date, click " Update Driver… " if the driver is not the latest version. (Network should be well-connected)



After updating the driver, check whether the abnormal display problem is solved. If not, please contact with ASUS Service Center.