[Phone] Why does my phone screen turn black during incoming and outgoing calls?

Applicable situations: Dims automatically during a phone call.


If you encounter the following problems on your phone:

Recipient can't hang-up the call due to the black screen.

Screen doesn't light up when you need to use the dial pad during the call.

Screen is unresponsive and doesn't wake up even after pressing the power button.


You may try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the problem:

Check if the screen protector blocks the proximity sensor.

If yes, please try to remove screen protector and replace with a new one which the sensor won’t be blocked.

(Position of the proximity sensor may vary per model.)

Use a soft cloth to clean the proximity sensor area and make sure nothing blocks the sensor.

Update the device firmware to the latest version and also check if the “Contact” app is the latest version.


    You can also uncheck  Turn on proximity sensor and then the screen will be always ON during the call.

     Contact >> Settings >> Call screen >> Turn on proximity sensor