How does ASUS collect and use your data?

Here at ASUS, we obtain your feedback to analyze user experience for the purpose of development and evaluation of new products and services and to provide you with recommendations about services you may be interested in. ASUS may collect your anonymous data which cannot characterize nor identify you:

(1)   Log data : Log data is associated with your product, including model name, the version and type of your operation system, activation time; and BIOS update data, including the execution method for update, date and result of update, standby status, crash history, preferred interface, language settings; and system status such as usage status of battery, CPU and RAM, internet speeds, hard drive capacity and thermal module status.

(2)   Application data : Application data is associated with your usage and interaction with ASUS applications and software, including the name and version, install and uninstall time, login and logout time, frequency and numbers of your usage, open and close time of respective page, numbers of open and close of respective page, update result, usage behavior setting, the category of your preferred software.

ASUS is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. To know more about how ASUS protects your privacy, please visit