ASUS Privacy - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I request ASUS to erase or download my personal data collected by ASUS?

If you would like to erase or download your personal data collected by ASUS, please visit: “Customer's request on personal data interface”on ASUS official website to file your request. After your request is filed, you will receive an automated email from us which informs you of the application number. ASUS will respond your application in accordance with legal requirement.

2. ASUS Account/ ROG Account-related questions

  • How to register an ASUS Account/ ROG Account?
    • Please visit ASUS official website →Choose your location → Find “LOGIN” on the upper right side of the page→ Find “Sign Up” on the middle-left side of the page.
  • How can I reset my ASUS Account/ ROG Account password?
  • How can I unsubscribe ASUS Account/ ROG Account eDM?
    • Please login to your ASUS Account/ ROG Account at→ Find “Subscribe” on the left column of the page → choose “NO”. Also, please be noted that it may take around a couple of business days to complete the unsubscription process.
  • How can I change email address of my ASUS Account/ ROG Account?
    • Please login to your ASUS Account/ ROG Account at → Find “Login Management” on the left side of the page → find “Email address” → find “Edit” → key in your password of ASUS Account/ ROG Account → insert your new email address → click “Submit”.
  • How can I add or edit my ASUS product registration record?
    • Please login to your ASUS Account/ ROG Account at → Find “Product Registration” on the middle-left side of the page. You are free to add or edit product registration record here.
  • How can I delete my ASUS product registration record, but still keep my ASUS Account/ ROG Account alive?
  • How can I correct or update my profile of ASUS Account/ ROG Account?
    • Please login to your ASUS Account/ ROG Account at → Find “Personal Profile” on the left column of the page → edit your profile.

3. My ASUS product is lost. How can I find my lost ASUS product?

We apologize that we are unable to track the device for you. However, you may try the following to find your product:
  1. Your ASUS product is connected to your Google account.
  2. The lost ASUS product has access to the internet or connection to the network.
  3. Use Android Device Manager and allow it to locate the lost ASUS product (turned on by default), you may change it in the Google settings.
  4. Allow Android Device Manager to lock your product and erase the data (turned off by default)

4. How does ASUS protect my personal data?

ASUS takes precautions to protect your personal data against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. We conduct internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices and technical and organizational security measures, as well as physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to systems where we store your personal data. Transmission of personal data between different locations of ASUS and its affiliated entities is performed through our secured wide area network. ASUS is committed to protecting and respecting user’s privacy with “ASUS Privacy Policy” regarding the collection, use and safeguard of user’s personal data. For more details, please visit “ASUS Privacy Policy” at

5. How can I contact ASUS if I have other privacy-related inquiries not mentioned in this FAQ?

Please contact to send other privacy-related inquiries.

6. How can I report a security issue or vulnerability to ASUS?

Please report a security issue or vulnerability to ASUS at

7. How can I ask privacy-related questions for ASUS Webstorage service?

If you may have any questions or opinions for “ASUS Webstorage” (a cloud storage service provided by ASUS Cloud Corporation, such as deleting the ASUS Cloud Member account, please contact ASUS Cloud Corporation to file your request via

8. I have technical, repair or customer service-related questions when using my ASUS products or services. How can I do to solve these problems?

Please report it to ASUS “Email Us” at, and ASUS will offer you proper assistance as soon as your opinion is filed.