[Motherboard] GameFirst VI - Introduction

1. GameFirst VI introduction

2. Models Supported

3. GameFirst VI Install& Uninstall

4. GameFirst VI Dashboard

5. GameFirst VI Network Monitor

6. GameFirst VI Network Analyzer

7. GameFirst VI Smart Router

8. GameFirst VI Settings

9. Q&A

1. GameFirst VI introduction

GameFirst VI is an integrated network tool, designed for ASUS ROG products for network optimization. It can effectively reduce network delay, minimize in-game lag, and also create the best network environment for players.


2. Models Supported

How to confirm whether my motherboard supports GameFirst VI?

Please go to ASUS Official Website:https://www.asus.com/

1. Click the magnifying glass icon

2.  Enter the motherboard model in the Search Bar

3.  Click the motherboard model shown below (EX:ROG MAXIMUS XII EXTREME)

4. Click (specifications)  ->  (Software features)



3. GameFirst VI Install& Uninstall

How to obtain and install GameFirst VI , please follow :

Download ASUS GameFirst VI

You can get the latest software, manuals, drivers and firmware at the ASUS Download Center. ASUS ASUS download center :

If you need more information about ASUS Download Center, please refer to this LINK :
* How to check product model : https://www.asus.com/tw/support/Article/565/

1. ASUS download center Enter a model name or select a product to find drivers, manuals, warranty information and more.

Please enter a model name -> Select ”Driver & Utility


2.Select” Driver & Utility -> Please choose OS version


3. Click (Utilities) -> Find “ GameFirst VI”to download  (Recommended to use the latest version)

--> How to remove the software, please refer to LINK


4. GameFirst VI Dashboard

4-1 How to start GameFirst VI

Please type and search [GameFirst VI] ① in the Windows Search Box, and then click on [Open] ②


4-2 Dashboard


System resources ①: It includes Network Smoothness, CPU Usage, Upload and Download display


Profile Option ②: User can select Profiles they would like to apply such as: Gaming First, Live Streaming First, Multimedia First or Adaptive Intelligence

* For Profiles setting, please refer to 8-3 Profiles


Application categories and status ③: You can check Application Categories and the Network Status in the page. See the list below for details of each item.






Application group   

To define application categories,for example Game、Live stream、Multimedia、Web、File transfer and Others


Speed Speed 

To switch the network traffic priority for application (For example Extreme/ High/ Medium/ Low)



Application’s name



Download/Upload          speed

To display Download/Upload speed


Default network

To assign network connection for each application,for example WiFi or Ethernet connection


Block traffic

To disable application network connection


Close application

To close application



To select application group,speed priority、bandwidth control and block traffic,as shown below





For icons ① to ③ icons, please refer to the description from sections H-1 to H-3.

H-1 Group①: Defines the application categories: Game, Live stream, Multimedia, Web, File transfer and Others

H-2 Block traffic②: Disables the application network connection

H-3 Enable Application policy③

       Speed: To switch the network traffic priority for application (Example Extreme/ High/ Medium/ Low) 

       Enable bandwidth control: To control application bandwidth rate-limiting


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5. GameFirst VI Network Monitor

5-1 Top 5 Apps②: Monitors network usage for Top 5 Apps or group


5-2 Group traffic ③: Monitors network upload/download speed in real time by group


5-3 Network traffic ④: Monitors the real time data for upload or download rate


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6. GameFirst VI Network Analyzer

6-1 Network Information②: Reviews gateway information and status. (Example: Status, Speed, Physical address, IPv4 Address ,IPv6 Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway)


6-2 Wi-Fi Quick Assist ③: Analyzes the available wireless signals and the signal strength. Also, views the current WiFi connection, channel and the number of shared connections.


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7. GameFirst VI Smart Router

Discover ASUS ROG router with ASUS ROG First which accelerates the networking packets of your system so that you can enjoy a faster and smoother networking experience.

For icons ② to ⑤ , please refer to the details in the list below :







Discover ASUS ROG router whether is with ASUS ROG First function

Router Log-In        

Log-in the router you connected

Wi-Wi Channel

Viewing the current WiFi connection, the channel and the number of shared connections available wireless signals and the signal strength

Game Boost

Turn on Game Boost


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8. GameFirst VI Settings①

8-1 Game Turbo②

For icons ③ to ⑦ , please refer to the details in the list below: 





Foreground Acceleration

Automatically accelerate the foreground application

Show Booster Notifications

Pop-up boater notification window when launching games

Auto-Close Booster Notifications

Automatically close the booster notification window after 5 seconds

Booster Download Speed

Adjusting TCP/IP window flow size to help optimize the rate which data is transferred between replication log server hosts

Extreme Upload for Lower Latency

Enable TCP_Nodelay on intensive applications for lower latency


8-2 General①

For ② to ⑥ icons, please refer to the details in the list below :





Automatically launch on startup

Automatically launch GameFirst VI while startup

Pop up window to show closing option      

While closing GameFirst VI, a notification window will pop up for choosing to close or minimize program

Use the latest profile

Using the last profile after restart GameFirst VI


Language selection (GameFirst VI will restart after apply new language)


Reset all applications policies/ profiles policies/ general settings


8-3 Profiles①

User can define each application categories (for example Game,Live stream,Multimedia,Web, File transfer and Others) , speed priority and enable bandwidth control.

For ② to ④ icons, please refer to the details in the list below:

Profiles②: User can select Profiles they would like to modify, for example Gaming First、Live Streaming First、Multimedia First or Adaptive Intelligence

Speed③: To switch the network traffic priority for application (For example Extreme/ High/ Medium/ Low)

Enable Application policy④: To control application bandwidth rate-limiting


8-4 About①: To confirm Gaming First VI current version, and [Check for updates] ② for upgrading



9. Q&A 

Q1: What are the new features in GameFirst VI?

A1:  *UI optimization

*Adding AI Adaptive Intelligence Profile

*Adding rule setting by each application

*Adding TCP packet acceleration related application

*Provides IP geolocation, server locations and ping value for each application

*Auto-Switch to High Performance during games

*Able to close an application in GameFirst VI


Q2: How to confirm my network connection status?

A2: The connection status will be as shown below:

  No connected

  Connected,only Intranet

  Connected with Internet


Q3: Does my router support ROG First function?

A3: If your router doesn’t support ROG First function, you will see the page below while clicking [Smart Router] ①,and [Discover]② 

* For router models with ROG First supported, please refer to ASUS official website