[Motherboard] How to update BIOS of the motherboard ?(Include different generation CPU)

ASUS offers three ways to update BIOS of the motherboard

● Update BIOS under the BIOS menu (EZ Flash), you can refer to FAQ:[Motherboard] ASUS EZ Flash 3 - Introduction

● Update BIOS under the Windows system (EZ Update), you can refer to FAQ:[Motherboard] EZ Update - Introduction

● Update BIOS under the Shutdown or uninstall CPU status (USB BIOS FlashBack), it's only applicable to some models. If you want to know whether your motherboard can support USB BIOS FlashBack function ,you can refer to FAQ:[Motherboard] How to use USB BIOS FlashBack™?



1. Updating BIOS may have the risk of not booting up. Please back up your data first before updating the BIOS.

2. Older models of the motherboard may have slightly different user interface.

3. Please connect the power supply throughout the update process, and be aware to avoid pressing the keyboard, mouse or unplugging the USB device

4. If the operation is still difficult or abnormal after you have read the FAQ, please contact ASUS Service Center for BIOS update



Q1: Whether the BIOS version of the motherboard can be degraded?

A1: It depends on the content that the BIOS is updated to, therefore it's not absolute that can degrade to any older version of BIOS. If you have problems when you update BIOS, you can ask ASUS Service Center for more help. If you insist on degrading the BIOS version, you can continue to use EZ flash or EZ update to confirm whether it can degrade to the older version of BIOS


Q2: After update BIOS sucessfully and reboot, the screen became black, how to deal with?

A2: Clear CMOS to make sure if the computer can boot up, you can refer to FAQ:How to clear CMOS? ,if you still have problems, please contact ASUS Product Support


Q3: If the screen and the process bar stopped during BIOS update, how to deal with?

A3: Please be patient for 3 to 5 minutes. If the phenomenon still exists, please contact ASUS Service Center to confirm if you need send for repair


Q4:  The newly purchased CPU can't power on, confirm the support list in ASUS official website indicates that need to update, how to deal with it?

A4: Method 1: If you have the old CPU that is listed in support list in ASUS official website and can power on, please update BIOS to the latest version and use new CPU

      Method 2: Please confirm whether your motherboard support USB BIOS FlashBack. If support, you can use USB BIOS FlashBack to update BIOS under the shutdown status

      Method 3: If you can't update BIOS by above two methods, please contack ASUS service center for update service


Q5: If the BIOS version of your motherboard is much older than the version in ASUS official website, is it necessary to update each version to the latest version?

A5:  Without any special Reason, no need to update each version, just update to the latest version.

       *Before updating BIOS into the latest one, there is a special Version BIOS that must be updated into on some Models.