[Motherboard]How to set and enable WOL(Wake On Lan) function in BIOS

Wake-on-LAN (WOL) function allows you to wake system from sleep or hibernate state through the on board LAN

1. Confirm whether it supports Wake-on-LAN function

2. Set and enable WOL in BIOS

3. Q&A

1. Confirm whether it supports Wake-on-LAN function

1-1. Please go to ASUS official website and click to query the motherboard,


1-2. Click [Tech Specs] page

1-3. Find Manageability item and it shows that WOL by PME that supports Wake-on-LAN function


2. Set and enable WOL in BIOS


2-1. Power on the system and press <delete> key to enter BIOS [Advanced Mode]

2-2. Click [Advanced] page and select [APM Configuration] item,as below

2-3. Click [Power On By PCI-E] item and set to [Enabled] 

2-4. Press <F10> key and click <OK> , the system will auto reboot


3. Q&A

Q: How to fix WOL fail in Windows 10 ?

A: Please follow below steps 

3-1. Right-click Windows startup menu ,and click [Device Manager]

3-2. Click [Network adapters],and select the network controller

3-3. Click Driver item and confirm driver is installed ,as below ,driver version is


3-4. Click [Power Managerment] page and confirm the checkbox that in front of [Allow this device to wake the computer] is ticked as below 

3-5. Confirm whether disable Turn on Fast startup 

Right-click Windows startup menu and select [Power Options]

Click [Additional power settings]

Click [Choose what the power butters do]

Confirm that the checkbox in front of [Turn on fast startup (recommended)] is not ticked