[Wireless adapter] How to install ASUS Wi-Fi adapter and Bluetooth adapter driver?

How to get the (Utility / Driver)

Before starting to install the wireless card driver and Bluetooth driver, please go to the ASUS Download Center to download the latest version of the driver.

You can download the latest drivers, software, firmware and user manuals in the ASUS Download Center.

If you need more information about the ASUS Download Center, please refer this link.


1. USB Wireless Adapter

  A. Insert USB wireless adapter into the USB port of your laptop.

  B. To install the wireless driver, go here

2. USB Bluetooth Adapter

  A. Insert USB Bluetooth adapter into the USB port of your laptop.

  B. To install the Bluetooth driver, go here.


3. PCI-E Wi-Fi adapter

   We take PCE-AX58BT WiFi adapter and ASUS STRIX Z590-A GAMING motherboard for example.

   Notice:Before installation, please turn off your PC, unplug the power cord, and remove side panel of the chassis.​

    A.Install PCI-E adapter

    B.Install the antenna base

       Install USB cable    Notice:For PCE-AX58BT and PCE-AX3000, it needs to install the bundled USB cable before installing the Bluetooth driver. 

    C.Install drivers (WLAN CardBluetooth)


4. Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)




A. Install PCI-E adapter

         Find the PCI-E slot on your motherboard and insert the PCE-AX58BT wireless adapter onto the PCI-E slot.

         Please refer to your motherboard user manual to find PCI-E slot.

            Before insert PCE-AX58BT


            After inserted PCE-AX58BT


Notice:Specific wireless adapter models ,such as PCE-AC58BT and PCE-AX58BT only supports PCI-Express x1 standard.

               Related FAQ : [Wireless] What type of slot support for PCE-AC58BT/PCE-AX58BT?


B. Install the antenna base

         Connect the end of the antenna base to PCI-E wireless adapter.

         Adjust the antenna base to get the best signal with your router.



        Install USB cable (only applicable to PCE-AX58BT and PCE-AC58BT)

            Connect one end of the bundled USB cable to the USB port on PCE-AX58BT and the other end to the F_USB connector on the motherboard.



C. Install drivers (WLAN CardBluetooth)

       Turn on your PC,  follow the onscreen instructions to complete the driver installation.


        Install ASUS WLAN Card Driver

          a. Click [Install ASUS WLAN Card Driver]


          b. If you have carefully read the End-User License Agreement (EULA), please click "I have reviewed and agree to the End-User License Agreement (EULA)" and "Install".


          c. Installing


          d. Once the installation is done, please click "Finish" to end the process.



        Install Blutooth driver

          a. Click [Install the Bluetooth driver]


          b. Click [Next]


          c. If you have carefully read the End-User License Agreement , please click "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and "Next".


          d. Choose the setup type that best suits your needs. "Typical" is recommended for most users.


          e. Click "Install" to start installation.


          f. Click "Finish" to end the setup wizard.





1. How to check if WLAN driver or Bluetooth driver is installed successfully? 

  •    Please enter [Device Manager] > [Network adapters]to check if your wireless adapter is shown.



2. How to fix computer cannot find the wireless SSID nearby after wireless adapter is installed successfully?

   If you're using other brand's router, please contact your router manufacturer.