[Accessories] Firmware Update : Steps to Update Firmware for Tri-mode/Dual-mode Devices


When you update the firmware of Tri-mode (Bluetooth, RF 2.4GHz, and USB supported) or Dual-mode (RF 2.4GHz and USB supported) devices, please connect both USB cable and 2.4 GHz RF receiver to your computer at the same time, and manually switch to  or OFF via physical switch, then follow the steps below to complete the firmware update.


1.   Enter Armoury Crate【Settings】page

2.   Click【Update Center】

3.   Find the device that needs to be updated and click【Update】

4.   When you see the【Firmware Update】hint dialog, click【Yes】to update the firmware

5.   Confirm that the receiver and the USB cable are correctly connected, then click【OK】





Firmware update hint of Armoury Crate v5.0.11.0 mistyped as ‘Connect your device to the computer with a USB cable “or” a 2.4GHz receiver’. It should be ‘Connect your device to the computer with both a USB cable and a 2.4GHz receiver’.

The software revision with the modified prompt wording will be released as soon as possible.