[Notebook] ASUS ErgoSense Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad (UX9702) - Introduction

The ultraslim 5.5 mm ASUS ErgoSense Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad gives you comfortable typing and increased typing accuracy.

Smooth-glide touchpad for a gentle feel. The special coating on our touchpad is hydrophobic, with a high water contact angle (AF). We apply a high-end PVD anti-fingerprint coating that ensures excellent resistance to rub and sweat. You can capture screen grabs, activate the webcam, or access the MyASUS app via function keys. Switch typing between two devices with the same keyboard to enhance multi-tasking experience.


ASUS ErgoSense Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad are currently only available with UX9702 computers and both are not sold separately.


Connect UX9702 to the Bluetooth keyboard

1. Open the Settings page of UX9702 and go to [Bluetooth & other devices] to enable the [Bluetooth] function.

2. Power on the ASUS ErgoSense Bluetooth keyboard and long press F9. At this time, the computer will automatically detect the Bluetooth keyboard, as shown in the following figure pop-up window, click Connect.

3. [Enter the pin below]: You need to enter the [Pin] numbers on the Bluetooth keyboard and press Enter.

4. Bluetooth Keyboard successfully paired.



Q1: How do I connect to another computer?

A1: The steps are the same as above, and the difference is that you have to long press F10.


Q2: How does the Bluetooth keyboard switch between two PCs?

A2: Press F9 or F10 on your keyboard to switch different computers using the Bluetooth keyboard.


Q3: How do I manage my Bluetooth keyboard?

A3: Press F8 on your keyboard to bring up the Bluetooth management page on your computer, and you can set the functions of your Bluetooth keyboard.


Q4: Does the Type-C port on the Bluetooth keyboard support file transfer?

A4: The Type-C port on the Bluetooth keyboard only supports charging.


Q5: Does the indicator light on the Bluetooth keyboard have any special meaning?

A5: The indicator light on the Bluetooth keyboard has the following meanings.

When you long press F9 or F10 for device pairing:

  • Fast Flash -> In pairing
  • Solid (for 5 seconds) - > Paired
  • Slow flashing (for 5 seconds) - > Not paired

When you press F9 or F10 to switch to other computers:

  • Slow flashing -> In connection with the computer
  • Slow flashing (for 5 seconds) - > Can't find any computer to connect
  • Solid (for 5 seconds) - > Paired
  • Fast flashing (for 10 seconds) - > No paired computers (automatically start pairing computers)


Q6: How to get more information about bluetooth keyboards?

A6: You can go to the ASUS website to search for UX9702, then download the E-manual file of UX9702 for more instruction.


Q7: What devices are supported by the Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad?

A7: The Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad support non-ASUS computer devices, but may have functional issues. The support list is as following: