[Wireless Router] Why you must try Multiple VPN connection (VPN Fusion / VPN Client) - Later than 388.xxxxx

What is Multiple VPN connection (VPN Fusion)?

VPN Fusion allows you connect to multiple VPN servers simultaneously and assign your client devices using different VPN tunnels as needed. It also provides VPN connectivity to home network without installing VPN software. Mobiles, Notebook, even Smart TV, Game consoles can simply use this feature to achieve multi-VPN connection, without interrupting the original internet connection. 


Before setting up the ASUS router VPN client function, please confirm with your VPN server service provider what the VPN connection type is. 
VPN server service providers can support a variety of VPN protocols, like OpenVPN, IPsec, PPTP, WIireGuard VPN. Please confirm the VPN connection type with your VPN server service provider before setting the corresponding VPN client on ASUS router.


Why you must try it?

Common VPN only makes single device connecting to one related VPN server with VPN software, the original internet will be interrupted. It also contains types such as OpenVPN, PPTP…etc. Sets up each of your device and VPN service would be really tricky. For devices like set-top boxes, smart TVs, Game consoles who cannot install VPN software, VPN is not even a choice. So, if you love to make things happen simultaneously as following display, try VPN Fusion!


V Smart Phone remains connected to Internet for web surfing.

V PS4, Desktop connect to VPN tunnel 2 for Gaming.

V The laptop connects to VPN tunnel to access private network in company.


For Gamers, multiple VPN connections counteract DDoS attacks to prevent your device or stream from disconnecting to game servers. Building a VPN connection can simply improve the ping to game servers by changing the IP address to the region of game server.



Note:  WireGuard® is only supported on the firmware version later than Supported models please refer to https://asus.click/vpnfusionmodel


Where to find VPN Fusion?

ASUS Router WebGUI

1. Connect your computer to the router via wired or WiFi connection and enter your router LAN IP or router URL https://www.asusrouter.com to the WEB GUI.


     Note: Please refer to How to enter the router setting page(Web GUI) to learn more.


2. Key in your router's username and password to log in.

     Note: If you forget the user name and/or password, please restore the router to the factory default status and setup. 
                Please refer to How to reset the router to factory default setting for how to restore the router to default status.


3. Go to [VPN] > [VPN Fusion



ASUS Router App

1. Launch ASUS Router App and log in.

2. Go to Settings > VPN Fusion.




How to get the (Utility / Firmware)?

You can download the latest drivers, software, firmware and user manuals in the ASUS Download Center.

If you need more information about the ASUS Download Center, please refer to this link