[Chromebook] Learning how to use your Chromebook touchpad

Touch gestures empower you to execute tasks and access various settings on your Chromebook. Please refer to the illustrations below for a guide on touchpad gestures.


Table of Contents: 


Moving the point

You can tap anywhere on the touchpad to activate its pointer, then slide your finger on the touchpad to move the pointer on screen.

Slide horizontally
 Slide vertically
 Slide diagonally


One-finger gestures

GestureAction Description
  • Tap an app to select it.
  • Double-tap an app to launch it.
  • Double-tap on ac active screen to minimize or maximize it on your display panel.
Drag and dropTap on an active screen then slide the same finger without lifting it off the touchpad. To drop the screen to its new location, lift your finger from the touchpad.


Two-finger gestures

TapTap two fingers on the touchpad to simulate the right-click function.
Two-finger scroll (up/down)Slide two fingers to scroll up or down.
Two-finger scroll (left/right)Slide two fingers to scroll left or right.
Drag and dropSelect an item then press and hold the touchpad. Using your other finger, slide on the touchpad to drag the item, lift your finger off the button to drop the item.


Three-finger gestures

Swipe left/Swipe rightIf you opened multiple tabs on your web browser, swipe three fingers left or right to switch between these tabs.
Swipe upSwipe up to see an overview of all the screens currently opened on Chromebook.


Customizing your touchpad

If you wish to modify settings such as touchpad clicking, dragging, scrolling direction, or cursor movement speed, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the [Status bar]located at the bottom-right corner of the screen, and then click [Settings].
  2. In Settings, click [Device], then select [Touchpad].         
    Note: If your Chromebook is connected to a mouse, the setting may appear as 'Touchpad and mouse.'
  3. Within the touchpad settings, you can make adjustments according to your preferences.


You can also refer to the Google Chromebook Help on the official website for more detailed information: