[NUC] NUC: BitLocker Recovery Key is Requested on Start


To find the BitLocker recovery key that you'll need to unlock the disc, follow the instructions below.

The BitLocker key can be stored in several locations:

  • Your Microsoft account - The most likely place you'll find the key. Follow the link to sign into your Microsoft account and see your recovery key(s). You will need to do this on another device.
  • On a printout or text file on another computer that you saved - If you activated BitLocker, you may have saved the recovery key as a printout or on a trusted person's computer
  • On a USB flash drive
  • In a Microsoft* Azure Active Directory account (unlikely) - If you ever signed into an organization using a work or school email account, there's a chance your recovery key could be stored in that organization's Microsoft Azure Active Directory account.
  • Held by your system administrator (unlikely) - If your device is connected to a domain, ask your system administrator for the recovery key. 

Steps to permanently disable BitLocker drive encryption technology in Windows*:

  1. Right-click Windows Menu > select Apps and Features.
  2. Click Update & Security.
  3. Turn off the Device Encryption.

In the event you can't do the above because the keyboard and mouse doesn't work:

  • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds after switching the system off.