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    EMEA/META Territory Marketing Manager

    Position can also be located in Dubai as well*

    Main Activities:

    • Responsible to manage EMEA/META region for ASUS Marketing as defined by Regional General Manager and System Global Marketing Head,
    • Work close to allocate and make available the funds from partners such as Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm and any other partner that fits into our business models,
    • Coordinate back office and process requests from Local MKT Teams to the Head Quarters, and communicate schedule and deadlines for needs,
    • Clear understanding of Head Quarters strategies and directions in order to enable them in the region they are designed to,
    • Be close to execution of countries in the region to collect their feedback and report back to Head Quarters the main achievemetns and also difficults they are facing,
    • Their success metrics will be defined by Regional Manager and System Globlal Head in consenssus targeting to be aligned with Sales, Awareness, Branding Recognition and team Marketing efficiency,
    • The Territory Marketing Manager co-share all results and responsabilities of the countries he/she is managing in their region.

    Main Skills:

    • Excellent communication skills,
    • Logic and number oriented,
    • Good understanding of cost structure of several Marketing expendures like Media Buy, Event Set-up, Agency Fees, Tax related to the Marketing activities and payment methods,
    • Excellent organization methods,
    • Excellent understanding of Press Relations for Tech Industry, Computers and Smartphones,
    • Knowledge of international Media and regional media, press and influencers is mandatory,
    • Proficient in Google and Social Network strategies and advertising methodology,
    • International understanding of Tech Industry, New Digital Media formats and implementation of Digital Campaigns of other competitors brands activities and activations,
    • Experienced branded content creations projects in the region, participating or leading,
    • Understanding of Legal Contracts for image copywriters including audio, video and photo for regional usage,
    • Good Relationship with Celebrities Managers and Agencies are strongly desirable.


    • Bachelors in Marketing, Propaganda or Communication is a must,
    • MBA and extension courses is a plus,
    • Owned or Partner in an Agency or previous company related to Marketing, Media, Press or Communications is a plus.


    • Fluent English,
    • Language speak at the base office is highly required but not mandatory,
    • Mandarin is a plus.

    Tools Knowledge Required:

    • Proficient in Microsoft Power Point and Excel,
    • Knowledge of Social Tracking Tools like Digiminds and Social Bakers or any other tools that delivery the same kind of tracking data,
    • Understanding of Google Analytics, Google Trends, Nielsen Media Reports, Google Adwords/GDN/Youtube formats and analysis tools are not a must but highly desirable,

    Previous Experience:

    • At least 10 years on Managerial positions in the IT industry,
    • Previous Asus experience, or current Country Marketing Manager is a plus,
    • Worked in a Marketing or Communication Agency is a plus.