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-40 ile 60 derece arasında çalışma sıcaklığına sahip olan cihaz, oldukça dayanıklı bir gövdeye sahip. Asus TUF Gaming A1 modelinin IP68 suya ve toza dayanıklılık ve 810H 516.8 Drop Test sertifikaları mevcut. İncelememizde zorlu koşullarda test ettiğimiz cihaz, dayanıklılık konusunda bizden tam puan almayı başardı.
To conclude the test on this ASUS TUF GAMING A1 external SSD case, we are very satisfied. Indeed, we have here a product that breathes quality and its military standard guarantees solidity in any condition : very practical for the adventurers or simply the clumsy ones. An external enclosure, combined with the greater reliability of the SSD compared to a hard drive, means that files can be backed up safely. But with the speeds that can be achieved, it is also possible to store your video games an
The structural quality of the TUF Gaming A1 is excellent. Thanks to its design it seems to be meant to withstand even the weight of a tank, and the sense of sturdiness it gives to the touch is unparalleled. The IP68 certification also provides enormous security; in fact, our storage will be protected from both dust and water. Added to this is an unparalleled speed of SSD installation and removal, thanks to the excellent thinking of the Q-Latch.
The ROG Strix Arion and the TUF Gaming A1 are two portable SSDs with very similar performance, and, in fact, the choice is limited to the aesthetics and endurance factor. The ROG Strix Arion is more compact, lighter and offers Aura Sync-compatible RGB lighting. The TUF Gaming A1, on the other hand, is a tad bulkier, costs less, and offers greater durability thanks to military certification and waterproofing.
The ASUS TUF Gaming A1 container is a stylish, durable, versatile and reliable solution for creating an external drive based on NVMe M.2 SSD with a capacity of up to 2 TB.
ASUS TUF Gaming A1 is larger than conventional portable SSDs on the market, but for good reason, since the device has an IP68 standards to guard against spills and dirt.