Excellent image quality comes from superb technology

PixelMaster is a unique ASUS-developed technology that combines software, hardware and optical design to deliver incredible image quality. With PixelMaster, your tablet always produces professional high-quality photos. Best of all, it's with you all the time to capture every moment.

Time Rewind
Never miss a wonderful moment

After enabling Time Rewind, the PixelMaster camera automatically starts recording images two seconds before and one second after pressing the shutter button. During this three-second period, 31 photos are recorded for you to choose, meaning that the perfect moment is never missed.

Image Stabilizer
Shake-free photos

PixelMaster cameras integrate image stabilization technology to ensure that photos and videos are always crisp and shake-free. Advanced algorithms automatically compare reference points in a series of images to detect shaking. The final image or video is then stabilized by smartly shifting the frames when necessary, with the pixels outside of the visible frame providing a buffer for the motion.

Easy high-res selfies

With Selfie mode you can comfortably take high-resolution selfies using the rear camera, without having to worry about missing a person in shot. First select the number of persons in the shot, then point tablet's main camera towards yourself. Once the camera detects that all faces are within the frame, an acoustic countdown starts. The camera then automatically takes a burst of three pictures.

Depth of Field
Shoot like a professional

One key aspect to many professional photos is intentional background blur (also called "shallow depth of field") to isolate objects from their background.

It's a simple way to make your photos look more professional. Your friends will be amazed when you tell them that these images were created with your tablet!

Always in Focus

Tap to select a particular object in the frame, and PixelMaster works its magic to keep the object in focus - even if it moves slightly - to ensure perfectly focused images.

Clear Zoom
Zoom in and out without losing clarity

Do you want to photograph the cat on the roof across the street, without just capturing a pixellated mess? PixelMaster's Clear Zoom technology allows you to zoom-in on distant objects, while maintaining incredible clarity.

All Smile
Everyone looking their best

With All Smiles mode. Simply touch and hold the shutter button to take a burst of five images. All Smiles then allows you to individually select each person's best expression, before combining everything in one perfect picture – with everyone looking their best!

Smart Remove
Do not let passers-by ruin your memories

Smart Remove mode easily removes unwanted moving objects from your photos, meaning you'll never see strangers ruining your most precious photos again.


PixelMaster's built-in effects are designed to make photography more creative and fun. They include a pencil drawing effect for a hand-painted style, cartoon effects, and tilt-shift effect to make everything seem like it's on a different scale to reality.


Beauty mode allows you to adjust your subject's look in real-time. Reduce the size of their face, make their eyes bigger, soften their complexion and remove skin blemishes in real-time to create even more beautiful photos.

GIF Animation
Bring your photos to life with animations

Activate the dynamic GIF animation function, press and hold the shutter to take a series of continuous pictures that are then automatically converted into an animated GIF.