ASUS Repair Services

Receive the most-trusted repair support from ASUS Repair agents. Genuine parts and accurate diagnosis keep your favorite ASUS products running longer for less.

ASUS IN-Warranty
ASUS IN-Warranty

If your device is in-warranty and in need of service, let our ASUS-certified product experts service your unit free of charge.

ASUS Out-Of-Warranty
ASUS Out-of-Warranty

If your device is out-of-warranty, request a comprehensive hardware diagnostic from our service center.


Let ASUS be your one-stop-shop for shipping, handling, and repair with ASUS Certified Ship.


Stay up-to-date with your repair with information directly from our service center.

Quality Service

Export Support
Expert Support

Highly trained and trusted ASUS agents

Hassle-Free Repair
Hassle-Free Repair

Simple, straightforward service

Multi-point Diagnostic
Multi-point Diagnostic

Comprehensive testing designed by ASUS, for ASUS

Replacement Part Warranty
Replacement Part

Warranty for no less than 90-days from replacement

Genuine ASUS Parts
Genuine ASUS

Optimized and designed with your product in mind

Regular Status Updates
Regular Status

Stay up to date with professional service

Get the best quality service from highly trained and trusted ASUS Repair Agents who perform our comprehensive diagnostic and testing. Complete with a 90-day warranty on genuine ASUS parts, ASUS Repair Services are the safest and surest way to fix your ASUS device.

Warranty Options

ASUS Premium Care
ASUS Premium

Up to 3 years of extended

Accidental Damage Protection
Accidental Damage

Coverage for accidental spills,
surges, and drops

Check Warranty Status
Check Warranty

Review your service eligibility
and warranty end date

Check Status

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I request an ASUS Repair Service?

    In Warranty
    First, complete a hardware diagnostic on the new and improved MyASUS app. You can also receive complimentary support by contacting our team to help you troubleshoot. Once an error is confirmed by our team or via MyASUS, follow the steps on our Troubleshooting page to review your option.

    Out of Warranty
    First, complete a hardware diagnostic on the MyASUS app (may be incompatible with older models). You can also contact our team through our chat support. If you would like support via telephone, you can also contact our ASUS Extended Care team for out-of-warranty troubleshooting.

  2. I have submit my request for repair. What happens next?

    After you obtain a confirmed RMA number, please allow 24-48 hours for processing. You will receive a confirmation email with all the details required to proceed with your repair. If you are sending your product to our depot, we recommend purchasing an ASUS Certified Shipping label.

  3. How can I check the status of my repair?

    You can check the status of your repair by using our Repair Status Inquiry tool. Simply search using your unique RMA or Serial number.

  4. Who is eligible to purchase ASUS Certified Ship?

    If you are a non-enterprise customer and your product is still within warranty, you will be eligible to purchase a one-way shipping label from ASUS.

  5. How long will it take to receive my ASUS Certified Shipping label?

    Please allow up to 24 hours to process your payment. Your shipping label will be created and sent to the email address provided.

  6. What are the benefits of ASUS Certified Ship?

    ASUS Certified Ship is an optional program to help streamline your ASUS Repair Service. With Certified Ship, ASUS not only provides you a discounted shipping label but a sense of confidence and convenience when you ship your product out.

    Confidence - Rest easy when you ship out your valued product using an ASUS-approved shipping partner.
    Savings - Save on shipping by taking advantage of ASUS’ exclusive freight rates.
    Convenience - Skip the long lines and get things done fast. Simply print your label from home and ship.

  7. Can you repair my product even if it is out of warranty?

    You may still proceed to have your unit repaired by our repair centers, even if your product has reached or passed its warranty end date. In order to continue with an out-of-warranty repair service, a non-refundable Diagnostic Fee is required to be paid in advance prior to sending in your product based on your product type. The Diagnostic Fee includes 2-way shipping but does not cover the actual cost of repair. Please allow up to 48 business hours for processing of your Diagnostic Fee payment once it has been submitted.

  8. How do I request a correction to my warranty?

    If you believe your product has not yet reached the warranty end date, please upload your valid proof of purchase while submitting your repair request form.

Instructions, checklist, and a pre-paid shipping label will be processed and sent to you via email. To avoid delays in your repair services, please follow the instructions and checklist closely. Once your product is delivered to the repair center and is examined by a technician, we will contact you directly with a repair quote via email to provide the final cost of repairs. After you confirm the repair quote, the technician will proceed with repair and you will receive status updates during the process.