[ProArt Display] ProArt Creator Hub - Introduction of display function

ProArt Creator Hub - Display

ProArt Creator Hub can help you check the current status of the monitor (Color gamut, Brightness, Color temperature, Gamma) and confirm product specifications.

You can use the color meter (Xrite-i1DisplayPro & i1DisplayProPlus) in Color Calibration function to calibrate the monitor.

How to connect

If you want to use ProArt Creator Hub to view monitor information and calibrate the monitor, in addition to HDMI/Displayport for transmitting images, please connect the PC and the monitor via either USB-Type B or USB-Type C cable to transfer data.

USB-Type B:PA329Q

USB-Type C:PA24AC, PA329C

Driver download & installation (only for PA329Q)

1. Download the latest utility corresponding to your monitor model from ASUS Download Center.

   Enter ProArt PA329Q-> Click Driver & Utility.

2. Click Driver & Utility -> Select OS.

3. Find ProArt_Calibration_Device_Driver in Driver Package category. Click DOWNLOAD to download the file.

Support models

ProArt display: PA24AC, PA329C, PA329Q

Color meter: i1DisplayPro、i1DisplayProPlus



On Dashboard, you can check the below information:

  1. Product Specifications: You can check the specifications of the connected monitor.
  2. Color Calibration: You can check the result of the last color calibration(color gamut, ΔE) and the date of the last calibration.
  3. OSD Information: Check the current brightness, color gamut, color temperature, and gamma.


Color Calibration

Color Calibration can calibrate the monitor and keep providing the precise, consistent, and spectacular colors.

It's an easy way to recalibrate your display to restore its brightness and color consistency.



1. Before starting calibration, you can adjust the customized parameters as a color calibration benchmark to perform color calibration.

You can adjust:

a.Color Gamut (sRGB、Rec709、Adobe RGB、DCI-P3、BT.2020/Rec.2020)



d.Color Temperature

After selecting, please click [Start Calibration].

2. Choose whether to perform uniformity calibration through a. and b. options (you can choose c. 3X3 or d. 5X5). If you choose to perform uniformity calibration, uniformity adjustment goes first, and then performed color calibration.

3. Make sure the calibrator is connected to the monitor,and click [Next].

4. Make sure the PC and the monitor are connected via USB-Type B or USB-Type C or Thunderbolt3 cable, and click [Next].

5. Click [Start] to start calibration.


Color Calibration​

1. Click [Start] to start calibration.

2. After the color calibration is completed, the system will generate a color calibration report. You can see the data after color calibration.

3. Click [Show Pattern]. You can check the difference before and after color calibration.

4. Click [Apply] . You can save and apply the data to User Mode 1 or User Mode 2 to complete color calibration.


Uniformity Calibration

1. Move the calibrator to the marked position and click [Start] to start the Uniformity calibration.

2. After the calibration is completed, the system will save the data to the display. Please wait 10~15 minutes for the storage to complete.

3. After saving, please move the calibrator again to the marked position and click [start] to start the Uniformity calibration.(second calibration to reconfirm, each grid only takes a few seconds)

4. After scanning, the system will automatically continue to perform color calibration.



In the history, you can check the currently stored data.

Click a, you can confirm the color calibration report of this data.

Click b, you can delete this data.


You can apply user mode 1 and user mode 2 to the currently stored calibration data in the setting.

Please click [Apply] after the selection.


1. How to solve the following error message when running ProArt Creator Hub?

A: Please follow Driver download & installation(only for PA329Q), and you can solve the problem of the error message.


2. Is there any introduction to the Creator hub of ASUS ProArt motherboard?
A: Please refer to the article: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1043369/


3. Is there an introduction to the Creator hub of ASUS ProArt laptops?
A: Please refer to the article: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1042040/