[Chromebook] Troubleshooting - Computer does not wake from Sleep mode

  1. Remove all external devices, such as USB devices, memory card, etc.
    • After removing all external devices, if the Chromebook resumes, reconnect devices one at a time while restarting the computer to figure out which device is causing the problem.
    • After removing all external devices, if the Chromebook still does not resume or exhibits the same problem, do not reconnect anything, and continue troubleshooting.
  2. Perform a Hard Reset to reset your Chromebook hardware.
  3. Close all apps and browser windows.
  4. If you have installed any new apps or extensions recently, uninstall them.
  5. Use the Chromebook Diagnostics app to measures CPU and Memory. If your test fails this could indicate faulty hardware, please contact the authorized ASUS repair center.
  6. Reset (Powerwash) your Chromebook to factory settings.
  7. Recovery Chromebook operating system.


If your problem is not worked out with above solution and information, please contact ASUS customer service center for further information.