[Motherboard] Solution to Blue Screen Of Death

For general users, even if they are aware of the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) error codes, they may not necessarily understand the content. Here are common troubleshooting methods based on the timing and usage conditions when BSOD occurs. Please follow the steps below:

Note: It is recommended to execute a system restart after each step. If BSOD persists, proceed to the next step.

BSOD occurs intermittently since operating system installation:

1.1- Disconnect external hardware devices (external sound cards, network cards, USB drives, etc.).

1.2- Reinstall drivers or restore the operating system, ensuring correct operational steps.

(Refer to updating drivers and system restore methods.)

Recently replaced or expanded hardware (memory, graphics card, power supply, hard drive, etc.):

2.1- Confirm compatibility of the added hardware with the motherboard.

2.2- For added graphics cards, ensure the power supply is sufficient and install official drivers from the manufacturer's website.

2.3- Update the motherboard's BIOS.

2.4- Test the added devices on another system.

BSOD occurs when running specific software:

3.1- Confirm software compatibility with the operating system.

3.2- Try running the software as an administrator or in compatibility mode.

3.3- Reinstall the software, ensuring error-free installation.

3.4- Install the software on another computer with a similar operating system to check for software-related issues.

Recently updated the system, drivers, or installed software:

4.1- Remove newly installed updates (software, patches, drivers). If unable to remove in Windows mode, enter safe mode for removal.

(See: How to remove updates, How to enter safe mode)

4.2- If removing a driver, install an older version of that driver.

4.3- Restore your operating system (Refer to system restore). Note: System restore will result in data loss; if concerned, consult ASUS service center.

If the above steps do not resolve the problem, please contact the ASUS service center.