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[Experience Sharing] Share your ZenFone 3 experience after Android O (Oreo) update (ZE520KL/ZE552KL)

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Zen_Aakash IND Moderator | All posts
Last edited by Zen_Aakash on 2018/2/6 12:02

Android O for Zenfone 3 is already here & we can see a lot of Improvements. Many users have already updated & can feel the real difference. There have been many changes & more might come in near future. To be very frank with our Zentalk Community it's not the price of the device which you carry Asus always hears from its users, it doesn't matter if it's a positive feedback or Negative. Users already appreciated Asus for providing Android O update but no OS is 100% bug-free & there is always room for Improvement.

So I updated my ZE520KL & I am enjoying the Experience. Things I like with Oreo is Better Battery Life, Nice & Tuned UI, Rich Display, Better OS optimization.

So This thread is for all the users who have received Android Oreo update ZE520KL/ZE552KL.

Few things to check before replying to this thread.

1. Do not Spam in this thread
2. No ETA, Device support will be provided
3. Only 1 Comment/Post per user where user can share their Positive or Negative Comment
4. Users found spamming/abusing/abusing users will be banned
5. If you have any solution to any issues or bugs listed by any user you are free to reply on the Topic, the Same comment should have all the points
6. Keep the Thread clean for Major Bugs Highlights.

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IND Level 3 | All posts
Happy with the update.
Issues faced till now:
-app lock keeps locking app while the app is open and in use.
-camera quality reduced.
-audio quality while recording video is bad.
Devilx_922 posted on 2018/2/6 14:41
Happy with the update.
Issues faced till now:
-app lock keeps locking app while the app is open and  ...

I have the same issues including weird lock screen clock widget style.
Overall Oreo is a great update with light UI and battery improvement. Thank you
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Many users were asking for it and finally they'll be happy with it.
IDN Level 1 | All posts
it's good that Google annually release a version of android (and asus follows them), but this has it's own bad sides.
App developers should follow google too, they should update, change and optimize their apps, while not every developers got the time/resource to do so. just a few weeks after their app runs smoothly on nougat, oreo came out. And i do think that this is what actually cause issues on this Oreo update for ZE552KL since it is a big jump from nougat, even though most changes are under the hood. for example,
1. Whatsapp notifications are messed up and did not quite follow oreo's notification setting.
2. Apps are eating more battery because they're not quite suited for battery optimization that Oreo has.
3. Other issues are already mentioned like applock keeps locking app while the app is in use.
4. I really hate heads up notifications, turns out google still wont give us an option to disable this, even for just when a full screen app is running. Every time I play games on my phone, notifications shows up and block the screen. Makes me want to chop someone's head at google who got this shitty heads up notification idea.
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Last edited by vaibhavnarain11 on 2018/2/12 10:26

Here are some bugs which I have faced:
1) camera quality has Hine down a bit. 
2) decrease in performance while playing games, lower frame rates. 
3) the animations in notification panel are quite choppy 
4)play store has issues, downloads won't start unless you force close mobile manager. 
5)i dont know if this issue is unique to me but after call gets disconnected, ring tone starts playing again and won't stop unless I reboot. Happened to me once or twice.  
6) twin apps are having issues with whatsapp. 

Some suggestions:

Add an option to enable dark mode for notification panel and settings or add support for Andromeda- rootless substratum support

More will be added as anything new is found. 

IDN Level 1 | All posts
Decrease in battery and gaming percormance. Sceen on time just 4-5 h . Force close when play game 

MDV Level 1 | All posts
1) Camera quality is reduced especially Shutter speed for still Night shots.
2) Camera UI is still like ZenUI 3.5 not 4.0 so no Picture Ratio settings. 

3) Sometimes the Notification badges would flicker.
4) The volume sliders are in the ZenUI 3.5 style not the 4.0 style like the brightness slider.
5) Even if a dark theme is applied the Settings app will show a white splash screen which is annoying and the sub menus stays white.
6) New Quick settings Don't go well with 3rd party toggles which matched better with ZenUI 3.5
7) Substratum does not work (Andromeda) which was why I was tapping check for update everyday since Late November.
8) The loading bar on WiFi page in quicksettings will some times overlap the text.
9) The animations of Sliding up the quicksettings in the second toggle page seems not fitting, on further inspection it seems like the stock Android animation which does not go well with the ZenUI quicksettings unlike another device (compared them using a OnePlus 5)

I am still a bit sad my camera quality decreased. Other than that I am mixed about the update. It's nice that this phone got the update unlike my short lived Zenfone 2 which I still regret getting. Asus is improving but I won't be getting an Asus device next time. It's been a regrettable 2.5 years with Asus.

IDN Level 1 | All posts
There are ups and downs with this oreo update. And the downside is bad enough for me to revert back to nougat. It's not the device actually, it's the android. It's google. Geez ze552kl is a beatuful piece of art, shiny glass front and back, amazing dark blue color, it's pretty. But... It's google.
IND Moderator | All posts
Devilx_922 posted on 2018/2/6 15:11
Happy with the update.
Issues faced till now:
-app lock keeps locking app while the app is open and  ...

Hi Devilx,

If the app is not being used and is on idle mode, the app will get locked. Did you mean the app gets locked automatically while it is being used?
For camera and audio, we have tested this issue on our device and there is no such issue. You may create a thread in which you can post a video and screenshots so that we can investigate. Also try to wipe cache partition once to check if the issue gets resolved.

Thank You.
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