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[Share] Travel Goals: Breathtaking Batanes

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Last edited by vanessagendoma on 2018/9/16 03:10

They said " Once a travel bug bites, there's no turning back". Maybe it's true. When  I started travelling since 2015, my first province was Aurora and as of now I visited 24 provinces and counting.

The evening before my flight was raining very hard, I frequently checked my email if my flight was being cancelled but luckily it did not.
P_20180903_041842-01.jpeg I rode a P2P at Trinoma around 4:20am and travelling time was approxiamately 2hours. Because my airline is PAL, there was a 50 php discount, Ipaid only 200php. I don't know if other airlines have the promotion like that.

I seat near the window seat to have a better view outside the plane.

Snacks given to us.

The Basco Airport, most likely a resort villa.

P_20180903_163805-01.jpeg P_20180903_180221-01.jpeg
I rented a bike to roam around Basco and watch the sunset.

2nd day: Overnight in Sabtang Island
Sabtang Island is also known as Sleeping Beauty.
In order to go to Sabtang, you will ride a boat/faluwa for approximately 45 mins depending on the waves, but trust me it's not that scary at all.


First stop was in Morong Beach. There's a restaurant around the corner.
P_20180904_083434-01.jpeg P_20180904_090135-03.jpeg

Savidug Village
P_20180904_110158-01.jpeg P_20180904_105748-01.jpeg
One of the traditional village in Sabtang. This village was known for the stone houses. Did you know that the Government will restored the houses for free even though it was a private property. How nice isn't it.

The old Beaterio In Savidug Village
P_20180904_111436-01.jpeg P_20180904_111727_PN-01.jpeg
When you saw the music video of " Ikaw" by Yeng Constantion, it was where it took place.

Lunch time!!
P_20180904_113753-01.jpeg P_20180904_114932-01.jpeg

At first 300php/head. Its a set meal. In my back of my mind. Mabubusog ba ako? Gaano kadami yung set meal nila? Magoorder pa kaya ako ng other food? But I was amazed when the food was served in my table. And YES!!, nabusog ako, madami yung serving nila for meal for 2 pax, free refill din ang turmeric rice. We just add Lobs ster for 400php. It's our first time to try it and taste like it's an upgarded creab meat.

P_20180904_121608-01.jpeg P_20180904_121552-01.jpeg
The view outside the restaurant

Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint

P_20180904_130510-01.jpeg P_20180904_132359-01.jpeg P_20180904_132300-01.jpeg P_20180904_132248-01.jpeg P_20180904_131619-01.jpeg P_20180904_130923-01.jpeg
Picture says it all. Breathtaking indeed.

Chavayan Village
P_20180904_140634-01.jpeg P_20180904_140727-01.jpeg

Me wearing a vakul roaming around in the village.


This is the view outside our homestay

The famous lighthouse in Sabtang

3rd day: North Batan Tour- it covers the sites the Capital of Basco. First you need to register and pay the environmental fee for 350php per head. They gave us a brochure that you need to keep it for whole tour.

Valugan Boulder Beach
P_20180905_114947-01.jpeg P_20180905_114831-01.jpeg
In this photo is an output of a rock balancing done by visitors and locals in the beach.

Tukon Church (Mt. Carmel Chapel)
P_20180905_105910-01.jpeg P_20180905_105725-01.jpeg
It is one of many Churches in Basco. Even though the church was under renovation, they allowed us to take a brief photo op.

Vayang Rolling Hills
Insert the song "Malaya" by Moira. The sun was up hight but you can't feel it because of the beautiful surroundings.

Basco Lighthouse/ Naidi Hills
P_20180905_095848-01.jpeg P_20180905_094848-01.jpeg
The province's most iconic structure. Basco Lighthouse was one of the two lighthouses in the island and three n the entire province.

Sto. Domingo Cathedral(Basco Cathedral)
The first catholic Church in Batanes, built in the early 18th century.

Capturing Milkyway at Basco Lighthouse
1st try: 32', ISO 400
2ND try: 32' ISO 400
3rd try: 32', ISO 1600
4th try: 32' ISO 1600

4th Day- South Batan Tour

Honesty Store

Chawa Deck View
P_20180906_083354_1-01.jpeg P_20180906_083427-02.jpeg
The deck faces the spectacular view of the West Philippines Sea.

San Carlos Borromeo Church
Also known as Mahatao Church, was built in 1873 by Fr. Cresencio Polo. This Baroque style church was built with limestone walls and cogon roffing. In fact, for 144 years the church main structure has remained as it is.

P_20180906_085528-01.jpeg P_20180906_090641-01.jpeg
Inside is the "blank Book Archve", a book where you can write anything on your mind.

Homoron Blue lagoon and White Beach
P_20180906_091645-01.jpeg P_20180906_093108-01.jpeg

House of Dakay and the Old Spanish Bridge
P_20180906_100824-01.jpeg P_20180906_095901-01.jpeg

Alapad Rock formation
The legendary Blow UR Horn sign.

Racuh a Payaman/Marloboro Country
P_20180906_104706-01.jpeg P_20180906_105001-01.jpeg
P_20180906_105832-01.jpeg I asked why Marlboro hills was the way it was called and it s beacuse one Foreigner once visited the place. He cannot pronouce the real name which is Racuh a Payaman so he decided to call it marlboro, beacuse in the box of the cigarette was a mountain like Racuh a Payamnan. From thereon it was caled Marlboro Country.

Tayid Lighthouse
P_20180906_134839-01.jpeg P_20180906_135300-01.jpeg

Fountain of Youth
The water from this Man Made Spring comes from the hills of Imnajbu, it also have the stunning view of Mt. Iraya.

Here were some food that we ate during our tour in Batanes.

Pizza form Jino's pizza

P_20180906_175420-01.jpeg P_20180906_175924-01.jpeg
Pension Ivatan- Sizzling Pancit and i forgot what meal is this. haha

Supreme Pizza at Casa Napoli

Carbonara from Casa Napoli

Halo halo from Beehan

Pansit beehan

No wonder my 10k was not enough. The Airfare was only expensive in Batanes but the rest of it was like your in Manila.
A souvenir shirt costs 180php, a meal in carinderia with rice costs 80php, A pizza for 400php, Carbonara good for 2 only 200php.
Of all the provinces that I visited, the peole here was the most honest, trustworthy and respectful. Whenever I'm in the tour, the people are nodding each other as a sign of respect. In the city, They will great you Goodmorning/afternoon even though you're a tourist.

Traveling to Batanes was like a "living in the dream" moment. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities and lessons that I learned in this trip.

I hope you can join me in my next travel.
Soon in Bicol
Thanks for reading my article

PHL Dr.Zen | All posts
pa join nman sa bicol! gusto ko makita si daragang magayon!!
PHL Moderator | All posts
Nice blog Vanessa! Great photos, makes me want to go to Batanes soon!
USA Level 1 | All posts
Last edited by hretoos on 2019/7/6 03:31

Hi, beautiful photos, I think you've had a great trip) I have a question for you. Which travel case did you use? What is better to buy now? I am going on a trip soon and I also want to buy a reliable firm suitcase. Got on the article with a description of travelpro suitcases. What do you think, how good are they and how many flights will they stand? I would be so grateful for the tip!
USA Level 1 | All posts
Marvelous! I also plan my trip with this company Although, it is to Afghanistan, but I wish I also could be able to make some photos
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