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Internetan Gratis Dengan Mode Pesawat/Airplane Mode -- Di era teknologi yang semakin pesat ini, smartphone dan jaringan internet merupakan salah satu kesatuan yang tidak bisa dipisahkan. Media penghubung antara smartphone dan dunia internet, tentunya harus menggunakan kuota dengan paket yang berbeda yang disediakan operator seluler. Untuk menghemat kuota pada saat Anda berselancar di dunia maya tentunya dengan menggunakan Mode Pesawat/Airplane Mode. Selain paket kuota sebagai media penghubung, Anda juga bisa tetap internetan gratis dengan menggunakan layanan wifi. Tapi jangan khawatir, meskipun paket kuota internetan limit, tidak ada salahnya kita coba internetan gratis di smartphone android dengan mengaktifkan Mode Pesawat/Airplane Mode.

Sebelum penjelasan inti, kenali terlebih dahulu apa itu yang disebut Mode Pesawat/Airplane Mode. Mode Pesawat adalah pengaturan yang tersedia pada banyak smartphone, komputer, dan perangkat elektronik lainnya. Ketika diaktifkan, menunda frekuensi radio transmisi sinyal oleh perangkat, sehingga menonaktifkan Bluetooth, panggilan telepon, Wi-Fi dan GPS.

Penamaan ini berawal dari larangan sebagian besar maskapai penerbangan yang menggunakan peralatan transmisi sinyal frekuensi radio saat dalam penerbangan, menggunakan mode pesawat mencegah perangkat melakukan transmisi. Ketika "Mode Pesawat" diaktifkan, ia menonaktifkan semua suara, teks, telepon, dan teknologi pemancar sinyal lainnya seperti Wi-Fi dan Bluetooth. Wi-Fi dan Bluetooth dapat diaktifkan secara terpisah bahkan saat perangkat dalam mode pesawat terbang; ini dapat diterima di beberapa maskapai penerbangan.

Mode Pesawat/Airplane Mode ini tidak hanya diaktifkan ketika dalam pesawat saja, tetapi bagi sebagian orang fitur ini dimanfaatkan untuk keperluan lainnya, seperti dimanfaatkan untuk internetan secara gratis supaya tetap irit kuota dengan mengaktifkan Mode Pesawat. Bagaimana caranya? Berikut cara internetan gratis dengan mode pesawat:

1. Aktifkan Mode Pesawat/Airplane Mode

Ada beberapa cara untuk mengaktifkan mode pesawat ini, yang pertama tekan tombol on/off sebelah kanan 2 detik maka akan muncul beberapa pilihan dan klik "Mode Pesawat". Cara yang ke dua, buka notification bar dan klik "Mode Pesawat". Untuk cara yang ke tiga, masuk Menu Setelan/Settingan => Pilih Jaringan&Nirkabel atau Wireless&Networks => Klik Lainnya atau More => Aktifkan Mode Pesawat/Airplane Mode.

2. Lakukan Dial Number ke *#*#4636#*#*

Apabila ponsel Anda sudah aktif dalam Mode Pesawat/Airplane Mode, masukkan angka seperti layaknya Anda melakukan panggilan dengan mengetikan kode *#*#4636#*#*. Dengan Otomatis akan muncul beberapa menu pilihan.  

3. Setting Jaringan Data Mode Pesawat/Airplane Mode

Setelah mengetikkan kode *#*#4636#*#* dengan secara otomatis muncul pilhan Informasi Telepon, Statistik Penggunaan dan Wi-Fi Information. Mungkin tampilan untuk sebagian smartphone lainnya ada beberapa pilihan lain dengan menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Pilih urutan paling atas, kalau di smartphone kami tertulis Informasi Telepon. Klik Informasi Telepon dan setelah itu akan muncul settingan default yang harus kita ubah dan setting mode pesawat/airplane mode dengan cara:

Pada menu Setel Jenis Jaringan Yang Disukai, terdapat beberapa pilihan jaringan seperti WCDMA preferred, LTE ataupun GSM. Kemudian aktifkan Daya Radio Seluler/Turn On Radio. Setelah Radio Seluler sudah dalam mode aktif, selanjutnya cari tombol Jalankan Uji Ping/Run Ping Test dan jika GPRS Service menunjukan status Connected, maka proses settingan  berhasil dan Anda bisa internetan gratis dengan mode pesawat/airplane mode.

NB: Internetan gratis dengan Mode Pesawat/Airplane Mode ini, tidak sepenuhnya gratis. Koneksi data yang terhubung tetap memerlukan kuota. Hanya saja kuota yang terpakai di Mode Pesawat/Airplane Mode terbilang irit dibandingkan dengan mode normal. Cineam

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Even if you sell products and services, sales do not grow and you do not know the hitter. First of all, carry out a discount campaign, and let's keep advertising! Such an easy sales strategy makes it difficult to manage on a continuous basis.

By analyzing the marketing strategy of the company, the market, the competition, and the product from the marketing point of view, it is possible to identify the bottlenecks and to devise solutions.

4. Potential customers can earn

As you move through the market positioning and market gaps in your market, you may notice potential audiences that you have not noticed before. Digging, acquiring and nurturing potential customers and raising purchasing steps are also important activities in marketing.

5. Reduce costs and spend effectively

Especially in B to B business, marketing has the effect of increasing cost performance. For example, in B2B business, due to the high unit price of the case and the complicated process of making decisions within the company, potential customers tend to be revealed and the time to close is prolonged. It would be practically impossible for a salesman to handle this long process manually. Focusing on a target with a high probability of closing, we can not keep up with the potential customers.

Marketing is responsible for following up with this potential customer. In marketing activities that make full use of digital tools such as digital media and marketing automation, a continuous approach is possible as a salesperson who can respond 24/7.
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To all who work on marketing than the author
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However, with the evolution of IT, everyone is now collecting information on the Web, and the role of marketers in marketing activities is becoming very important.

Even in Japan, there are more companies that challenge content marketing, but this means further expansion of the scope of business for marketers in the field.

This book, "The Most Easy-to-Use Content Marketing Textbook Creating a System to Sell without Advertising by a Popular Instructor , " is written daily for marketers who keep up with the latest information and continue searching for effective marketing measures. Compared to the previous book “ Doing selling products and creating a mechanism for“ finding in content marketing ” ”, it incorporates practical information with an awareness that it is more useful for business.

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table of contents

Chapter1 Let's understand the concept of content marketing
Think about why you need content marketing now
Let's understand content marketing
The limitations of "sales type" marketing visited by computerization
Let's understand " ZMOT " which is indispensable to future marketing
Understand the benefits of content marketing
How do you create useful content for your customers? ̶̶ Mint.Com case of
Create a mechanism that also will increase sales in the business Manzero ̶̶ digital studio Case
The way of thinking necessary for successful content marketing
From "Hateful Marketing" to "Beloved Marketing"

Chapter2 Let's understand kind and feature of contents
Understand the importance of creating content according to your purpose
Let's create a system to "find" using business blogs
Win customer trust with eBooks / Whitepapers
Make regular contact with customers by email delivery
Tell your company's appeal with video content
Make prospective customers experience products and services with "example content"
Build strong relationships with customers at real events
Using a press release that can not be used surprisingly
Aiming for ultimate branding by publishing "books"
Bring your expertise to the world with an online seminar
Visual appeal in infographics
About the "number" and "quality" of content
Chapter3 Let's develop a marketing strategy from a customer perspective
Clarify the purpose of your content marketing
Get an overview of content marketing strategy design
Set up a persona to better understand your customers
"Content design" to promote customer attitude change
Refine your content strategy with the “Customer Journey Map”
Launch a Content Marketing Team
Let's understand the point of KPI design
40 % success rate ? Why Content Marketing Fails
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Chapter 4 Let's understand how to make content that resonates with readers
Let's understand the content delivery method
Position the business blog as an "information hub" for the found media
Let's put out the theme of the content
Now, let's write the content!
Prepare "text structure" and create content to be transmitted
Let's hold down the point of easy-to-read sentences
Give the target reader the title "Can you find it"
Secrets for producing content with an external writer and a triple
Integration of marketing and PR starting from the contents of press release

Chapter 5 Let's Maximize the Influence of Produced Content
Let's make a planned call on the editorial calendar
Let's check the basics of SEO
Let's make customer communication with social media
Analyze competing media
Let's combine advertising to deliver content widely
Work on "inside sales" to maximize the effects of content
How and when we introduced inside sales
chapter_6.png برندسازی m anagement. marketing. Let's set the KPI and go through the PDCA cycle
Get an overview of the improvement cycle
Let's hold down the effect measurement points for each purchasing process
Let's understand the point of "improvement leading to results"
Let's work on search and social media related effectiveness measurement
Content Marketing in the Bar Shop Making
فروش news marketing sales.
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Chapter7 Go Up One Marketing
What is the overwhelming brand that can be reached by content marketing?
Send out information that customers can say "I'm glad we met"
Get "Sort Leadership" and Become an Industry Leader
Let's clarify the positioning
Marketing evolution brought about by marketing automation
Marketing is interesting from now on!

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