Release Note
First prize Pesona Toroan.
    Judge's Comments
  • Toruan waterfall is indeed an interesting object because the waterfall that directly flows into the sea. The use of long exposure techniques that may be aided by additional ND filters with tripods makes this landscape more dramatic. The composition is also perfect.
Second Prize Walk in the dream city
  • Aliasdezaru
  • DeviceZenfone Selfie
    Judge's Comments
  • Vertical and horizontal lines can be used to create a chic composition. Making this photograph into a dark silhouette will be more interesting so that the area of the building behind the more clear and dampen the noise that appears on the wall and human subjects.
Third Prize a door to heaven
    Judge's Comments
  • This is an intelligent exploration of angle of view. Good photos have at least one point of interest to direct the eyes of the audience.


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