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Arkadia ITA Level 3 | All posts
Bug Report
Description: Bluetooth not works fine
Firmware/APP Version:
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: Yes
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Hi, i have a z300cl and bluetooth not works always. I have to reboot my tablet and then bluetooth works. Also when i reboot, tablet dosen't starts automatically. Please fix it.
Arkadia ITA Level 3 | All posts
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IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Try out the following steps and see if it works out :
1. Check your bluetooth functionality using SMMI Test (Type 0.12345+= in Calculator app), then check your bluetooth in that.
2. Check that in the Normal Boot Mode as well as in the Safe Boot Mode.
3. If the test gets passed in any one boot mode, then try to to clear out your storage and app cache from the device settings and perform the wipe partition cache from the recovery mode too.
4. If test fails in both Boot Mode, then it may be a hardware problem, you should go and visit any Asus Service Center and get your device checked.
To find the Asus Service Center nearest to your location, go to this site :
From the Product Category field, select Product Type. And then in Location field, fill up with the details of your city name or postal code and then search for the same.

Good Luck.
Arkadia ITA Level 3 | All posts
Hi, ok i will try, but not tablet don't turn off . It went off as he was unloading. It is 20 minutes that it is charging, but it will not power and not any type of warning appears. Also my zenfone was 5 times under warranty and today will come the replacement. You need to improve the reliability. How can I solve for the tablet?
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