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Zenfone Max Pro M1 Gaming Review: #LimitlessGaming As Promised and More!

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Hi guys! I promised a gaming review for the Zenfone Max Pro M1 and here it is.

I did this a few days ago when I had nothing to do for the rest of my afternoon. Before I began, I made sure my phone was fully charged.

Here's what I did to try and test out the endurance of this device:
> My volume was at 65% and it stayed that way from start to finish.
> My brightness was at 45%. I didn't increase the brightness because I was about to play long hours and I can't have my eyes being strained so much.

My goal was to see how much battery each game consumes and how long before the phone dies out. Asus promised limitless gaming and I wanted to know if it can withstand long hours of heavy gameplay.

I also wanted to see how games with different graphics play out with this device. Will it be capable to run the most graphic intensive games?

I started with Injustice 2 because this game uses up the most resources because of its intense graphic rendering.

I ended up playing Injustice 2 for only 39 minutes because the game was too graphic intensive for the device. There were lags and stutters everywhere and part of the audio doesn't play continuously. It wasn't enjoyable to say the least. However, that wasn't the phone's problem because Injustice 2 was made for console and you better stick to playing it on your PS4 or Xbox One.

With that said, even with its intense graphics, the phone battery manages to only lose 6% for the 40 minute gameplay. That means the phone is holding up better than I expected it to do.

Next up is Tencent's Arena of Valor. I am using a US version of Playstore so I wasn't able to download the Garena version ofthe game. This AoV is the original international release.

First game ended at 2:30pm.

Second game ended at 3:04 pm with 84% of battery remaining. I was surprised because I was running it at full HD graphics and HD elements and the same amount of gameplay would usually cut almost 20% off my battery of my other phone (Zenfone 5) which only means that the battery life of Zenfone Max Pro M1 is superb!

As for the experience, even with the full HD graphics of Arena of Valor, the gameplay was smooth and definitely one of the best I've seen from other phones running the game. It's almost as good as the one running on Nintendo Switch.

The next game on my list is the very popular PUBG. I decided to give this a longer playtime.

The first game lasted for 30 minutes. Of course I needed to win to show you guys 😂. The next game was a solo game.

The game lasted longer. Again, I was surprised with how little the battery drained with a game like this. Definitely worthy to be called the Battery King so far in my trials.

As for the graphics, I didn't see any lag or stutters and it played well with PUBG unlike the other Max series devices. I guess we have the Snapdragon 636 im this device to thank for that.

Next game on my list was the newest release by Gameloft which is Asphalt 9.

The game looked awesome and the gameplay was extremely smooth! The graphics performed absolutely flawless with the device.

I enjoyed it immensely that even with it just being a racing game which I only play like 5 minutes at a time, I played it longer than how long I expected myself to play. I played it for almost 40 minutes and the only thing that stopped me was by running out of fuel.

The game only took 6% off of the battery which is great because with graphics on a game like this, you expect it to lose more than that.

I was supposed to play Mobile Legends next but I felt the strain in my eyes so I needed to stop for a while. I returned to it a few hours later.

I played a few games for almost one and a half hours and surprisingly, it did better than what I expected it to do. Usually, on the Zenfone 5, playing Mobile Legends in the same amaount of time usually cuts 20% off the battery but with Max Pro M1, there's a bigger battery and it really is optimized for mobile gaming.

Truly, this device delivers as promised. #LimitlessGaming it is! If you don't have one, you should seriously consider getting it because not only does it have the best specs at a cheap price point, it gives you the best battery life a phone could offer!

The Zenfone Max Pro M1 is available for only Php 9,995 for the 3GB/32GB variant and Php 12,995 for the 4GB/64GB variant. It's the best gift you gcould give yourself this Christmas!

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