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    ASUS Announces Z10PE-D8 WS


    ASUS today announced Z10PE-D8 WS, a new workstation motherboards based on the Intel® C612 chipset and with dual processor sockets ready for the latest Intel Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product families. With ASUS-exclusive Beat Thermal Chokes II, Driver-MOSFET (Dr. MOS), 12K capacitors and ProCool power connectors, Z10PE-D8 WS is built with premium components for premium efficiency.

    ASUS Announces E8 Servers and Z10 Server Boards


    ASUS today announced its next-generation E8-series servers and Z10-series server boards based on the Intel® Grantley platform, delivering extreme efficiency, expandability, enhanced-usability design and complete remote management for premium performance in datacenters, high-performance computing (HPC) and enterprises of all sizes. The new products feature premium components for premium efficiency, rack-optimized designs for extreme cooling efficiency and flexible fan controls.

    ASUS Announces Z97-WS Motherboard with Gen3 4-Way Graphics Power


    ASUS today announced the Z97-WS motherboard for workstations. Based on the Intel® Z97 chipset, the Z97-WS is tailored for extreme graphics processing to cater to the requirements of design industry professionals and gaming enthusiasts. It features PCIe Gen3 4-Way Graphics Power with NVIDIA® GeForce® SLITM Technology and AMD CrossFireX™ on demand; as well as advanced and efficient power solutions with integrated Dr MOS MOSFET, ultra-durable 12K solid capacitors, along with exclusive ASUS ProCool

    ASUS Announces ESC4000 G2S Series HPC GPU Servers


    ASUS today announced ESC4000 G2S, a new 2U-sized server series based on the dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processor platform and designed for use in environments that demand high-density GPU/coprocessor servers. G2S series servers feature a highly optimized thermal design that's up to 20% more power efficient than the previous version, six hot-swappable 2.5-inch SATA drive bays and nine PCI Express 3.0 (PCIe 3.0) x16 expansion slots.

    ASUS-Powered Supercomputer Rides High in TOP500 and Green500 Lists


    ASUS today announced that its ESC4000/FDR G2 servers powered the SANAM high-performance-computing (HPC) cluster to secure the 59th and 11th positions in the November 2013 TOP500 and Green500 global performance tables. The cluster employs 210 ASUS ESC4000/FDR G2 servers to achieve 532.6TFLOPS total processing power and 2.3GFLOPS/watt efficiency. ESC4000/FDR G2 delivers superior parallel processing and extra-fast, low-latency InfiniBand™ FDR transfers.

    ASUS ESC4000 G2 Servers Support Tesla K40 GPU (Kepler) GPU Accelerators


    ASUS today announced that its world-leading ESC4000 G2 series server range now supports the next-generation NVIDIA® Tesla® K40 (Kepler) GPU accelerators. The ESC4000 G2-powered SANAM cluster achieved total processing power of 532.6TFLOPS to claim then number 59 spot in the November 2013 TOP500. With four Tesla K40 GPU accelerators ESC4000 G2 could provide up to 5.72TFLOPS double-precision floating-point performance.