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    N43SL Jay Chou Special Edition


    ASUS SonicMaster elevates your aural experience

    ASUS’ specialist Golden Ear team worked together with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® to deliver the exclusive SonicMaster Technology – a combination of advanced hardware and software designed to deliver an immersive audio experience

    Superior hardware meets refined software

    SonicMaster revamps notebook audio, balancing sound, noise reduction, volume and dynamic range to eliminate distortion and boost performance. The superior resonance chamber design and materials used culminate in delivering sound system-like audio quality never before heard on a notebook.

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    Video Magic

    Experience vivid visuals with ASUS Video Magic

    ASUS Video Magic is a complete hardware and software video solution. The GPU processes data at a much faster rate, enabling it to handle most graphics intensive tasks with relative ease. True Theater software upscales DVD-quality video to Full HD. ASUS Splendid technology optimizes media files, reducing noise and improving conversion rates for sharper, more vivid images with better contrast, brightness, skin tones and color saturation across all video applications.


    ASUS Splendid Technology: reactive image tuning

    This proprietary ASUS technology optimizes media to reduce noise and improve conversion rates for sharper, more vivid images and better contrast, brightness, skin tones and color saturation across all video applications.

    • Normal Mode:
      Suitable for most usage scenarios, especially daily computing.
    • Theater Mode:
      Softer contrast for those keen on a theater-like experience.
    • Vivid Color Mode:
      Enhanced saturation and contrast range for more intense and dramatic image quality.
    • Gamma Correction:
      Enhances details to bring out previously-unseen aspects of images, especially in darker areas.
    • Soft Mode:
      Easy on the eyes viewing with soft focus and subtle detailing.

    USB 3.0

    Super fast transmission speeds with USB 3.0

    ASUS notebooks are the first to feature USB 3.0. It delivers transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, or up to 10 times that of current USB2.0 standards. This allows for faster transfers of large files like HD movies. Devices even recharge faster with 900mA charging; while USB 3.0 incorporates some environmentally-friendly features that save energy – it puts devices in idle or shuts them down when not in use.
    *USB3.0 speeds quoted are in accordance with component specifications. Actual speeds may vary by configuration and devices used.

    Super Hybrid Engine

    Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which greatly enhances the notebook's energy efficiency

    Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which greatly enhances the notebook’s energy efficiency, letting users enjoy longer battery life per charge—enabling longer hours of continuous computing. SHE also offers a choice of performance and power consumption modes that allow users to make quick and easy adjustments to suit their usage scenarios. In addition, SHE has the ability to intelligently boost system performance under heavy load, thus enabling the notebook to meet the demands of processor and resource-intensive tasks.

    30 Days Bright Dot Return

    Video Magic makes visuals better on the finest quality LCD panels available, made, tested and sold to super high ASUS standards, so the absolute best image is delivered.

    *ASUS stands by their notebook LCD panels, offering a one month servicing/replacement of the panel from time of purchase should the panel have any bright-dot.