Excellent for Mobile Productivity

Supreme for Multimedia Entertainment

With it’s Windows 8, Intel® Atom™ Z2760 CPU, 11.6” display, Wacom® digitizer stylus, and optional ZENBOOK-style Mobile Dock, VivoTab™ is your ideal companion for work and play.

VivoTab™ Tablet VivoTab™ Docking VivoTab™ Pen

The New Mobile Dock – Evolved Transformation

Elegant, light and with stylish hidden hinge design, the new Mobile Dock is the perfect compliment for VivoTab™. Its full keyboard and multi-touch touchpad enhance productivity, two USB 2.0 ports increase expansion options and the built-in battery extends mobile use.

VivoTab™ Front
Wacom Digitizer Stylus
Mobile Dock 2.0
NFC-Tab and Explore
Longer Battery Life
Connectivity & Expandability
  • Wacom Digitizer Stylus

    1024 levels of pressure for easy drawing, sketching and note taking to support your style and creativity. Precise input in Windows 8 desktop mode.

  • Mobile Dock 2.0

    Thin & light ZENBOOK-like tapered edge with QWERTY chiclet keyboard and multi-touch touchpad.

  • NFC-Tab and Explore

    Simply link and pair up with various NFC-enabled devices and peripherals to read or share information.

  • Longer Battery Life Battery life is measured by playing 720p video playback, 100 nits brightness, default volume with headphones, Wi-Fi associated.

    The Mobile Dock’s built-in battery recharges VivoTab™ and extends mobile use to up to 19 hours.

  • Connectivity & Expandability

    With 64GB of onboard storage, two USB 2.0 ports and 32GB ASUS WebStorage free for three years, VivoTab™ is perfectly equipped for storing and sharing.

Excellent on-the-go Entertainment

Ultra-thin (8.7mm) and ultra-light (675g), VivoTab™ is perfect for on-the-go entertainment. Its brilliant 11.6” 1080p Full HD Super IPS+ display has vibrant colors and wide viewing angles that make is perfect for movie-watching, while ASUS TruVivid technology gives greater image clarity indoors and out. Quad-speakers with SonicMaster audio technology give incredible sound quality, too.

Ultimate Performance & Optimum Compatibility
Ultra-bright Display With Ultra-wide Viewing Angles
Scratch-Resistant Corning® Fit Glass
ASUS TruVivid Technology
SonicMaster Audio Technoogy
  • Ultimate Performance & Optimum Compatibility

    Powered by the new Intel® Atom™ Z2760 dual-core processor, VivoTab™ delivers great performance, and excellent compatibility with software and hardware – without sacrificing all-day battery life.

  • Ultra-bright Display with Ultra-wide Viewing Angles

    Super IPS+ technology gives an incredibly bright (600 nits) and vibrant display that’s usable indoors and out. Ultra-wide 178° viewing angles keep the image clear and colors true from any angle, too.

  • Scratch-Resistant Corning® Fit Glass

    Corning® Fit Glass protects VivoTab™’s screen for worry-free mobile use.

  • ASUS TruVivid Technology

    One-glass full-lamination reduces the number of layers in VivoTab™’s display, for a lighter screen and a clearer, brighter image.

  • SonicMaster Audio Technoogy

    Four high-quality speakers with state-of-the-art audio processing ensure VivoTab™ gives an unforgettable listening experience.

Capture Every Moment

A best-in-class 8-megapixel camera with auto-focus, back-illuminated sensor and LED flash captures every moment with crystal clarity.

VivoTab™ Tablet
Back-illuminated Sensor With Large F/2.2 Aperture
Two Cameras
Full HD Video Recording & Color Enhancement
  • Back-illuminated Sensor With Large F/2.2 Aperture

    VivoTab™ takes great-quality photos even in low light, thanks to a back-illuminated CMOS sensor that reduces image noise and allows faster shutter speeds to reduce camera shake.

  • Two Cameras

    With its 8-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras, VivoTab™ has flexible photography options and makes video chatting easy.

  • Full HD Video Recording & Color Enhancement

    1080p Full HD video capture means VivoTab™ records the world with vivid clarity.

An All New Tablet Experience

  • Windows 8

    An all-new touch friendly UI with easily accessible control bars. Running on the x86 platform, Windows 8 provides support for legacy applications and hardware.

  • ASUS WebStorage

    ASUS Cloud enables access to all your documents, photos, music and more from any device. Easily share files with friends & family.

  • SuperNote

    SuperNote is a versatile multimedia note taking app that allows users to input & share through a variety of options: use your finger to draw, the Wacom stylus to sketch and the mobile dock to type. Include photo and video captures, or even audio notes.

  • Windows 8 Multimedia Content

    Plenty of media content is ready to enrich your life! Enjoy X-box videos, music and games on your Vivo Tab. Bing News/Finance/Sports/Travel provides great organized news and information.

  • Windows 8 People

    Connect all your social media accounts, with the main contact list view featuring larger tiles for your favorite contacts. Tap “What’s new” for an at-a-glance summary from all your social networks.

  • Windows 8 Fresh Paint

    The ultimate canvas for big ideas. Highly realistic oil painting app with a variety of canvases and brushes to choose.