Xtion PRO LIVE

    Use Xtion PRO developer solution to make motion-sensing applications and games

    • The world’s first and exclusive professional color (RGB) PC motion sensing software development solution with plug-n-play USB design
    • OPNI NITE middleware compatible SDK makes the motion-sensing applications and games development easily
    • Easily sell developer’s applications on the upcoming ASUS online app store
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      Worldwide Exclusivity

      Use Xtion PRO developer solution to make motion-sensing applications and games. You can make your fantastic ideas come true and introduce a better future to the public.

      PC HD multimedia content enjoyment on TV

      Multiple sensing functions to make development easy

      The Xtion PRO LIVE uses infrared sensors, adaptive depth detection technology, color image sensing and audio stream to capture a users' real-time image, movement, and voice, making user tracking more precise. The Xtion PRO LIVE development solution comes with a set of developer tools to make it easier for developers to create their own gesture-based applications without the need to write complex programming algorithms.

      1. Gesture detection: The Xtion PRO LIVE development solution tracks people's hand motions without any delay, which turns your hand into a controller. It has more than 8 predefined poses to allow you to push, click, circle, wave and much more– perfect for use controlling a user interface. Based off this function, it can be widely developed into various types of applications, saving developer’s time and effort for developing software.

      2. Whole body detection: The Xtion PRO LIVE development solution allows developers to track a users' whole body movement, which makes it ideal for whole body gaming, while also supporting multiple player recognition.

      3. RGB: Xtion PRO LIVE enables color (RGB) image sensing. With RGB, Xtion PRO LIVE can capture the users’ image, which is useful for human detection, digital signage, security system and more applications to be created.

      4. Audio: Audio stream allows support for voice control and any other voice recognition applications. Video conferencing at the office and home are also possible together with the RGB function

      In addition, the Xtion PRO series also supports the Unity3D game engine to make game/app development easier. With Xtion PRO series, developers are offered more options and tools to develop their own applications. Let your imaginations and applications run wild!

      USB 2.0

      Easy to use

      The Xtion PRO LIVE features an easy plug and play USB design, with the Xtion PRO LIVE development solution OPNI NITE middleware compatible. Please visit the OpenNI website for more technical support and information.

      Especially designed for developers to create various applications

      The Xtion PRO LIVE development solution allows developers to apply the latest motion-sensing technology in various applications and industries to stand out from the competition. For example; Electronic Kanban is an ideal application for this technology and can be used widely for marketing, guidance or tourism and so on. Physical rehabilitation is also a good field for body detection applications. There are a number of fields that could benefit from motion-based technology, such as education, medical, conferences, games and many more.

      The Xtion PRO LIVE development kit is widely open. You can create your own apps for business or for making people's lives more convenient and intuitive. Anyone can develop their own apps. A far-reaching application can be created and applied based on the developers' imaginations.

      Especially designed for developers to create various applications

      Power up your applications!

      Easy integration with current techniques in market to provide added value for your applications.
      With Xtion PRO LIVE’s image capture function, augmented reality technology can be integrated with motion control technology now. Showing people’s image in the applications to increase the feeling of being right in the scene, binding users with the applications. Other technology like 3D, cloud computing, robots control, and more have chances to be the next trend and to change human lives.
      Scenario 1. New presentation system

      “Nuvixa Inc’s StagePresence™ application enables a presenter to engage an online audience with compelling presentations that "fuse" the speaker, video and slides or desktop content with natural user interfaces; perfect for sales and marketing presentations, training and webinars, education or video-blogging. StagePresence utilizes both the video and depth-sensing technology of the Xtion PRO Live camera to create a virtual green-screen effect on any background, placing the user into their presentation or digital desktop content and recording and uploading the result online in as little as three mouse-clicks. Simple hand gestures easily drive the presentation, infusing it with the speaker’s personality and natural body language, for presentations viewable on any browser or mobile device.”
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      Scenario 2. Golf training system

      GURU has developed a series of golf training system, which combines full body 3D visualization with intuitive and interactive feedback for golf swing analysis. Swinguru Golf products bring a new way of teaching and learning golf: using the ASUS Xtion PRO LIVE camera, the software can analyze a golf swing with precision, without requiring the user to wear any markers or special equipment. This allows the student to enjoy the full range of motion and brings an intuitive and interactive experience for 3D golf swing analysis that is affordable and easy to use.

      30 second setup

      ASUS Xtion Store

      The ASUS Xtion store is a perfect online market for developers to easily and quickly sell their games, applications and other software.
      For more product or sale information, please visit: Xtion family
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