VENTO 3600

    VENTO 3600

    Redefine extreme gaming with ASUS VENTO 3600

    ASUS Vento 3600, the first gaming chassis that combined practical features and style to take high-performance gaming to the next level.
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      Redefine Extreme Gaming with ASUS VENTO 3600

      Magic Mask - Vertical Front Panel
      Press down the front door and it then swings smoothly upwards. Users no longer have to worry about slamming the door against items on their desks.

      Sleek and Stylish
      The Vento 3600 comes in green, red and blue. Its UV paint coating gives off a shinning waxed look and prevents scratches that ruin the appearance of the PC.

      Excellent Ventilation Technology
      Supporting a 8cm fan at the front and a 12cm fan at the rear, the Vento 3600 maximizes airflow inside the system for efficient heat dissipation. The side ventilation hole with air duct further pulls in cool air to lower CPU temperature.

      Rich Expandability
      With four 5.25-inch and four 3.5-inch drive bays, six PCI slots, one AGP 8x slot, four USB 2.0 ports and two audio ports, users can install a host of optical drives, hard disks, sound cards, LAN cards and peripherals simultaneously.

      Easy Component Installation
      Turn the knob and open the side swivel door just like opening a normal door. This tool-less design permits users to access the chassis interior without the hassle of screws and screwdrivers.

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