O!Play TV Pro

    O!Play TV Pro

    Play, stream, record, share HD media and digital TV programs

    • Built in DVB-T Digital TV Tuner with EPG (Electronic Program Guides) and PVR (Personal Video Recorder) functions
    • Abundant online entertainment - YouTube Leanback, Facebook, Dailymotion
    • Supports more than 50 formats including true-to-life full high-definition 3D format
    • Supports 3.5" 3TB SATA hard disk drive and NAS (Networking-Attached Storage) function
    • One-click O!Capture hot key to share media content on Facebook
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    Limitless HD Fun Made Easy

    ASUS-exclusive O!Easy Technology, a user-friendly interface, and support for a myriad of file formats, the ASUS O!Play TV Pro set top box ticks all the boxes when it comes to multimedia entertainment for the home.

    Playback and recording of digital TV

    The O!Play TV Pro comes with a built in DVB-T digital tuner for immediate access to free-to-air high quality digital TV programming. You can readily plan ahead with the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), which offers location-sensitive scheduling for up to a week in advance. Plus, content can be recorded onto an internal 3.5” hard drive using the included Personal Video Recorder (PVR). With Integrated TimeShift, you can pause and resume digital broadcasts in real time should you need to get away from the screen, but wish to avoid missing out on your favorite shows.

    Playback and recording of digital TV

    Rich and Complete Online Entertainment Center

    • Dailymotion and YouTube Leanback V3: Unlimited video sharing and viewing with an intuitive interface.
    • Facebook: One-click O!Capture hot key on the remote control shares your photos and videos in real-time.
    • Picasa and Flickr: Relive and savor your memories in great detail right from web albums on the big screen.
    • Muzee and Launchpad by Flingo internet TV channels: Free access to thousands of TV channels from all over the world.
    • Web browser: exclusive among media centers and fully integrated for use anytime – no need to stop and fire up the notebook!

    Rich and Complete Online Entertainment Center

    Integrated Web Browser

    O!Play TV Pro gives you a browser* that keeps you in touch with everything on the internet via just a few simple clicks of the remote. Sit back and enjoy the comfort of big screen browsing: take in hot issue news, sports, entertainment updates, and even check your email, all on your TV with no need to go to other devices!

    Integrated Web Browser
    * No Flash support

    3.5” HDD Storage Capacity With Networking-Attached Storage (NAS) Support

    3.5” HDD Storage Capacity With Networking-Attached Storage (NAS) Support. O!Play TV Pro offers extensive media center features with server functionality for iTunes, Samba and FTP servers for fast local network file access and management. Just insert your USB storage device containing the BitTorrent seeds and O!Play TV PRO will download them instantly.

    NOTE: The hard drive is purchased separately.

    3.5” HDD Storage Capacity With Networking-Attached

    PC-class browsing and input comes to TV!

    Go on the internet, write messages, and take part in your social networks with ease. Support for wireless keyboard and mouse on O!Play TV Pro for your living room viewing adds typing and control as accurate, familiar, and responsive as those on your PC. No more complicated and stiff input via remote – get intuitive freedom and express yourself.

    PC-class browsing and input comes to TV!

    Supports over 50 formats – including 3D media

    Play all your cherished moments on the big screen without worrying about file compatibility. The O!Play TV Pro supports over 50 major digital formats, including ISO, mkv, rm/rmvb, mva, avi, vob ifo, mpeg1/2/4, mp4. It also supports 3D video formats (H.264 MVC, ts, m2ts, BD-iso) and HDMI 1.4 for full premium quality 3D enjoyment**.

    Supports over 50 formats – including 3D media

    Wireless N and Gigabit Ethernet for the fatest and smoothest HD streaming

    Thanks to built-in wireless N (802.11n) and Gigabit Ethernet connections, the O!Play TV Pro streams HD media blazingly fast without any stuttering or buffering, whether in wired or wireless.

    Wireless N and Gigabit Ethernet for the fatest and smoothest HD streaming

    O!Easy Technology made HD fun easy

    Easy to Play
    One-click replay hot key on the remote control for playback of the last 7-second s of a program. Enjoying exciting moments again instantly!

    AutoPlayAutoPlay - Plug-n-play videos The exclusive AutoPlay functions allows you to plug and play videos via USB hard drive or SD/MMC/MS/xD card without any additional settings needed

    Step 1: Create an "AutoPlay" folder in your storage device
    Step 2: Copy video files into the new AutoPlay folder
    Step 3: Plug the USB hard drive or SD/MMC/MS/xD card to O!Play TV Pro
    Step 4: Videos will play automatically on your HDTV

    Easy to Stream
    O!DirectO!Direct – One-click to stream media files from your PC/NB to a HDTV
    The ASUS exclusive O!Direct function offers you fast and reliable one-click streaming of content from PC to TV. Hassle-free streaming brings broader enjoyment in the living room in both wired and wireless modes, without the need for USB storage devices and their storage restrictions.

    O!MediaShareO!MediaShare - Cable-free media streaming from your smartphone/tablet to a HDTV
    Download the application from Apple App Store or Android Market. You can stream your favorite media files from your smartphones and tablets and display the content on a HDTV via O!MediaShare. You can also stream online content such as Facebook albums and YouTube videos to the O!Play TV Pro.


    Easy to Share
    O!CaptureO!Capture - One-click to share media files on Facebook
    Browse all your photos and videos on TV via O!Play TV Pro. You can also share it over the Facebook wall in just a single click via the O!Capture key.

    Advanced sharing function allows you to customize the length of recorded clips 1. Click the "option" button
    2. Press the red button to set the start point
    3. Move the cursor to set the share duration
    4. Press the green button to set the end point
    5. Press the yellow button to upload the clip on Facebook and YouTube

    Advanced sharing function

    3.5” hard drive and network-attached storage support

    O!Play TV Pro can house up to a 3TB SATA hard drive***. Home entertainment should be always simple, easy and joyful! Thus, ASUS streamlined the storage installation process, so you don’t have to struggle with hardware and messy cables.

    O!Play TV Pro also supports networking-attached storage (NAS) for convenient file sharing and management among multiple mediums, devices, and standards such as iTunes, SAMBA, FTP and BT.


    Superfast HD content transfer speeds with USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s

    USB 3.0 PC Link and host ports allow users to transfer media from PC and external storage devices to the O!Play TV Pro at up to ten times faster than USB 2.0. These faster speeds can easily handle high definition content, resulting in a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

    O!Play TV Pro supports the latest SATA storage interface, which delivers up to 6Gb/s data transfer rates, perfect for large HD media files. SATA 6Gb/s works at twice the the speed of older SATA 3Gb/s.****

    Superfast HD content transfer speeds with USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s

    Full HD 1080p and Dolby TrueHD 7.1-channel surround support

    Are you satisfied with the quality of traditional DVDs? The O!Play TV Pro allows you to experience stunning full HD 1080p video, up to 6 times the resolution of traditional DVD*, with every gorgeous cinematic details right on the living room TV.

    The O!Play TV Pro supports Dolby TrueHD and takes full advantage of Blu-ray sound quality with 7.1-channel surround. 100% lossless high quality sound is identical to the music and movie enthusiasts. With both high-quality of audio and video support, it is time to enjoy a true HD multimedia experience for music, photos and movies.
    * O!Play devices do not support playback of copyrighted or protected optical media content.
    Full HD 1080p and Dolby TrueHD 7.1-channel surround support
    * DVD upscaling via HDMI

    IO Ports

    IO Ports
    *3D TV required. Additional glasses may be needed based on TV used.
    ** Hard drive sold separately
    ***Performance may vary depending on hardware configuration
    ****For the best browsing experience, download a list of supported mouse and keyboard devices from our Qualified Vendor List right here. We’ve tested all of them and they are all fully compatible!